Pet Waste Composters a Great Success!

On Sunday July 10, over 20 Hamilton residents came to EcoHouse to learn how to better dispose of their pet’s waste.  Participants worked hard to make and decorate their new doggy septic systems.  We can’t wait to see the pictures when they are installed back at home!

Home installation is easy.  Just dig a hole, add some rocks, and insert your composter.  It should be almost completely flush with the ground, or sit just a few inches up.

Each composter diverts approximately 122 pounds of waste per year (from landfills and waterways).  The collective impact of this workshop is a diversion of 2 440 pounds of waste per year!  Pet waste will now decompose and return to the soil, where it belongs.  Kudos to all who participated.  You are making an amazing step for our environment.

Follow this link to read about the pet waste workshop in the Hamilton Spectator:–much-ado-about-dog-doo-doo

Contact Kathryn at Green Venture if you are interested in attending a future workshop. or 905-540-8787 ext. 114

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