Hamilton City Council Passes Motion “Request for Moratorium on Industrial Wind Turbine Development”

Just in case you missed it, below is a copy of the letter sent by the City of Hamilton to the Premier requesting for a moratorium on industrial wind turbine development.

Hamilton City Council Motion “Request for Moratorium on Industrial Wind Turbine Development”.

Update: October 13, 2011

Does the request above contradict council’s previous motion to support the Green Economy? You decide…

Here is the motion (from this document)

Development of the Green Economy

WHEREAS the recent recession has taken a significant toll on local manufacturing jobs in the City of Hamilton,

AND WHEREAS the United Nations Environment Program has recently issued a set of significant documents defining the Green Economy and outlining policy concepts to build the Green Economy

AND WHEREAS the City of Hamilton has endorsed sustainable development, clean technology, and poverty reduction as preferable patterns of development much in line with the UNEP statements.

THEREFORE be it resolved:

(a) That the City of Hamilton hereby declares its continuing support for the development of the Green Economy as a set of effective economic development strategies that achieve complimentary environmental and energy benefits while creating jobs.;

(b) That the City of Hamilton hereby calls upon all provincial political parties, their leaders, and local MPP candidates to respect the importance of the Green Economy to Ontario’s economy, to Ontario’s energy future, and to the environment.


This motion started with a presentation from a presentation by Bill Thompson from Blue Green Hamilton. Here is the City of Hamilton record of Bill’s presentation (from here):

Bill Thompson, Blue Green Canada, respecting Green Economy resolution (Item 6.2)

Mr. Thompson prefaced his presentation by commenting that Blue Green Canada has developed a sound relationship with the Energy and Environment Committee of the Chamber of Commerce, the Hamilton and General Issues Committee 19 Report 11-025 Council – August 11, 2011

District Labour Council, Environment Hamilton and continues to develop relationships with as many people and organizations of goodwill as possible. 1900 leaflets were distributed at the recent Festival of Friends, as well as a petition being generated during the Festival. Hamilton has been a strong leader in developing green economy and green practices.

Mr. Thompson provided a copy of his written comments to the Clerk for the public record and is available for viewing on the City’s website.

(iii) Correspondence from respecting the Green Economy On a motion, the following correspondence was received:

(aa) Correspondence from Lynda Lukasik, Environment Hamilton, respecting the Blue Green motion regarding support for the Green Economy in Ontario (Item 9.1.1)

(bb) Correspondence from Patrick J. Dillon, Building Manager, Building & Construction Trades council of Ontario, supporting the Development of the Green Economy Resolution (Item 9.1.2)

A record of City of Hamilton council passing the motion can be found here.

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