Start a Community Solar Coop in Your Neighbourhood!

As providers of solar PV installations under the Ontario microFIT and FIT program, Green Venture is very pleased to invite you to find out how to start, or participate in, a community solar PV coop. See info below from our good friends and partners at Environment Hamilton (thanks Juby!).


Environment Hamilton has partnered with OSEA (Ontario Sustainable Energy Association) to deliver a workshop on Wed. Nov. 9th entitled “OSEA’s Community Power Roadmap to Success”.

This event is all about connecting local businesses, community members, and  organizations and providing them with the basic tools to create community-based solar-power projects.

This is  great opportunity to learn more about how to tap into creating solar power projects within Hamilton.

Wed. Nov. 9th. 6:30-9:30pm
Central Branch – Hamilton Public Library, 55 York Blvd.

More Information:
Ontario Sustainable Energy Association

Contact Juby at jlee(at)

More Information:
The exciting increase in solar power opportunities speaks to the environmental and financial benefits of this green energy. We have local examples of Hamiltonians connecting to this power source. One of the challenges of solar is the financial upfront costs as well as location requirements pose a challenge to make putting up solar panels feasible.

The Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) is holding a hands-on workshop that will give participants tools to create our own community-based solar power projects. And ideally, connecting businesses, community members and local organizations, so that individuals can come together and share the challenges and successes of solar energy production. We are seeing examples emerging here in Hamilton, such as Melrose United Church putting up solar panels this month. OSEA’s workshop aims to have its participants identify opportunities to have community solar powered projects and give them the tools to achieve those goals.

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