Three Great Upcoming Climate Change Sessions in #HamOnt

Thanks to Dave Carson at Dundas in Transition for the info below on some great upcoming workshops in Hamilton. See you there!


What’s Up with the Weather?

Wednesday October 26th at 7pm; The McMaster Centre for Climate Change presents Dr David Phillips – senior climatologist at Environment Canada on “What’s Up with the Weather?” at the McMaster Innovation Park. Here’s how the flyer for this presentation introduces the talk.

“Hail, snow dumps, icy rains, weather bombs, super hurricanes, – if you think we’ve been cursed and getting clobbered a lot harder and lot more often recently you are not imagining it. People all over are asking: what’s happening to the weather? It’s almost as if extreme weather has become the norm – an epidemic of ferocious killer, catastophic weather everywhere. Is the global climate going through unprecedented change? Is our weather becoming more extreme? And, if so, are people responsible or some other natural forces?” See

Climate Reality Project

Friday November 4th at 7pm; Grant Linney, a presenter with the Climate Reality project will present “Climate reality – It’s better to change laws than light bulbs” at the Royal Botanical Gardens. Here’s how the Climate reality project is introduced:

Climate Change is not your fault for the car you drive, the lights you turn on or the food you eat. The climate crisis is our problem. Real solutions, systemic solutions, innovative solutions, can only come when we address this together. That’s what the Climate reality Project will do. Without doubt. Without delay. And with your help. The Climate Reality project is bringing the facts about the climate crisis into the mainstream and engaging the public about how to solve it. We help citizens around the world discover the truth and take meaningful steps to bring about change. See

Perverse Cities: Hidden subsidies, wonky policy and urban sprawl

Monday November 7th at 7:30pm; The Annual Spirit of Redhill Valley lecture has Dr. Pamela Blais who will present “Perverse Cities, Hidden subsidies, wonky policy and urban sprawl” at The First Unitarian Church, 170 Dundurn St. Dr Blais 2010 book – Perverse Cities: Hidden Subsidies, Wonky Policy and Urban Sprawl – has won critical praise including being short-listed for the Donner Prize. She suggests that urban planning has focused on curbing sprawl by treating its symptoms and failing to recognize the market distortions and flawed policy that drive sprawl. As a result of crude public policies, a wide range of urban goods and services are subject to inaccurate price signals, including housing, non-residential properties, transportation and utilities. Mis-pricing creates hidden, perverse subsidies and incentives that promote sprawl while discouraging more efficient and sustainable urban forms. More information is available at

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