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Green Venture and Clean Air Hamilton are pleased to launch our second annual Fighting Climate Change poster contest for Hamilton high school students.  The contest encourages youth to come up with creative ways to fight climate change, to encourage and inspire their peers to take action, and to use art to express their concern for environmental issues.

Students are asked to make a poster demonstrating an action that people can take to combat climate change and conserve energy.  Students will have the chance to have their artwork displayed in several public venues, win some great art prizes, and inspire their peers to take action on climate change.

There will be an opening reception at Central Library on April 13th, where contest participants and their friends and family can come to see the posters, have snacks, and socialize.  All entries will be displayed at the reception, which will be open to the public as a stop on the James St. N Art Crawl.

Top entries will then stay on display in the lobby at Central Library in April, will be displayed at EcoHouse in May during Doors Open Hamilton, and will be on display at Homegrown Hamilton for the month of June, and as part of the June Art Crawl.

Students have the opportunity to win prizes that encourage further artistic creation:

1st prize: 1 day workshop of your choice at the Print Studio, 1 year membership at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, $50 gift certificate at Mixed Media

2nd prize: 1 day workshop of your choice at the Print Studio

3rd prize: $50 gift certificate at Mixed Media

Entries are due at 4pm on Feb 22nd.  For contest regulations and details on submitting your poster, visit our website at  Posters will be judged by members of Hamilton’s artistic, environmental, and educational communities, who will consider creativity, message clarity, composition, and how well the poster portrays a tangible action and encourages people to take action.  Results will be announced on March 7, 2012.

Every time fossil fuels (like oil and natural gas) are used as an energy source, green house gases are released.  Every small action you take to reduce your energy consumption also helps reduce the amount of GHGs entering our atmosphere, helping your community and our planet!  This is your chance to inspire other youth to fight climate change.  All actions help, and every way that we can reduce our use of green house gases will help reduce the impacts of climate change.

Help our environment, inspire others to take action, get your work seen, and win some great prizes!

Art Contest Poster

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