Winter Wear Yellow and Walk to School Day a Great Success

Walking in a (Not So) Winter Wonderland

Over 4000 elementary school kids across Hamilton braved the unusually decent weather on February 8th to walk to school as part of the City of Hamilton’s Winter Walk to School Day.  Twenty-five schools registered to participate and enter the creative photo contest put on by the city’s Public Works and Public Health Departments, with support from Green Venture.  Out of the many excellent entries, Immaculate Conception Catholic Elementary School was named the winner and will receive $300 for sports equipment to continue encouraging active lifestyles amongst the student body.

Immaculate Conception’s Winning Entry 

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Participating schools receive a Tree of Active Transportation; a large poster board to which students can attach paper leaves with their name written down.  This year, schools were encouraged for the first time to create their own leaves to increase the creativity of their trees and of their photo entries.  Immaculate Conception created colourful leaves in the shapes of sneakers.  Other schools made snowflakes in honour of the season, and still others stayed true to the use of the colour yellow with their leaves.

School creativity did not end there.  Several schools sent in amazing group photos, some of which spelled out a message like “Walk” or “Eco”.  Other schools went outside the box and had competitions within their own walls.  Classrooms with the highest participation rates won awards like the “Golden Shoe”.

As organizers, we continue to be amazed and overwhelmed at the level of support and enthusiasm shown by all of the participating schools in the Wear Yellow Day events.  Not only that, but we continue to get new schools registering each time we run Wear Yellow Day.  The number of registered schools more than doubled for this year’s Winter event, and the number of entries submitted to Green Venture skyrocketed.

With the winter edition of Wear Yellow Day officially in the books, Green Venture and schools across Hamilton can start to look forward to June, when the next Wear Yellow Day will take place, coinciding with Smart Commute and Pollution Probe’s Clean Air Commute Week.  We fully expect to be amazed once again at the creativity and enthusiasm of staff and students in Hamilton.

For more information on Wear Yellow Day, click here.

– Matt Sweet (Proud Winter Walker)

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