Pet Poop Pollution

Last night 28 pet owners came out to EcoHouse to learn about composting their pet’s waste. With a combined number of 30 dogs, this group will keep 3 650 pounds of dog waste out of landfills and waterways every single year! What a great step for our community, and for our environment.

Thanks again to everyone who came out.  We had a blast!

Remember to install your composter at least two metres away from any food gardens or food composters, and, keep it out of direct sunlight if possible. Add pet waste every day, water once a week, and septic starter once a month for best results. You can also add leaves or shredded paper periodically.

Every time it rains, runoff contaminated with dog waste finds it way into Hamilton Harbour. Using a pet waste composter protects water quality. For more information on stormwater and pet waste, go to

If you’re interested getting on our waiting list for future Pet Waste Composting Workshops, send an email to

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