Bike Racks of Any Shape and Size

EcoHouse needs a bike rack; a unique, made-in-Hamilton, eye-catching bike rack.

This might be a bike rack. If it looks like a bike, talks like a bike…
Photo courtesy of Impact Capital, Spokane, WA.

Any volunteers with welding skills looking for an artistic challenge should take note.  And if you happen to love cycling as well, you’d better check this opportunity out.

On any given sunny day at EcoHouse, several of our Green Venture staff ride their bicycles to work.  We love cycling to work.  It gets our blood pumping before starting out the work day, we get lots of Vitamin D courtesy of our big orange friend in the sky, and most of us have great paniers (bike bags, not the poofy part of old dresses) that carry all of our stuff, including a change of clothes when needed!

There’s only one small problem….

Right now at EcoHouse, we haven’t got a great place to store all of our bicycles!  A few of us get a bit of extra exercise by climbing the steps from the driveway to the deck and leave our bikes up there.  Some of us have had enough exercise already and just leave our bikes by the community garden.  The brave among us put our bikes in the garage for extra safe keeping!

We need something a bit more official, a bit more dedicated to keeping our bikes secure while we toil away at our desks.  Easier said than done, however.  Bike racks and rings cost a pretty penny.  So we thought we would appeal to you, the good people of Hamilton, to see if we could find another way to get something to EcoHouse to lock our bikes to.

In choosing this approach, we want to give the welders out there an opportunity to show their skills and create something really unique.  There are tons of examples to draw inspiration from around the world.  Our friends at have a few thoughts that any would-be designer should keep in mind:

Principles of good rack design

  • Simple design and obvious function
  • Two points of contact for stability
  • Compatible with standard locking devices
  • Located for easy access
  • Secured with tamper-proof bolts
  • Compact and attractive

With that, we leave it to you to give us your ideas.  In the meantime, we’ll try to keep our bikes from being overrun by plants from the garden…

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