ArcelorMittal Contributes to Healthier Hamilton Harbour

Hamilton Harbour is integral to our community’s identity… and health.  Despite the Harbour’s murky past, its future looks bright as more action is underway to improve this fragile ecosystem and enhance the health of our community.

ArcelorMittal has generously provided $17,500 to Green Venture that will bring Hamilton one step closer to realizing a healthy harbour.  This funding will allow Green Venture to create presentations, provide citizens with tools to reduce runoff on their property, and enable downspout disconnections and rain barrel installations throughout the city.

“We want to support Hamiltonians in their efforts to improve Harbour water quality and help reduce flooding events,” says Water Program Coordinator, Kathryn Gold. “It may seem like an overwhelming issue to some, but working together is making a difference.”

Presentations will include information on managing rain: slowing it down, soaking it up, and keeping it clean.  Citizens will learn how to use rain gardens, permeable pavement, rain barrels, and other measures to manage rain on their properties.

This project will also help address the effects of climate change.  The most damaging aspect of climate change locally is runoff from extreme rainfall events.  These events are happening more often and can lead to flooding.  In recent years, this has caused damage to property, endangered life, and has cost taxpayers millions of dollars.  “When it comes to controlling runoff, it’s all about the small actions of many,” states Green Venture’s Executive Director, Pete Wobschall.  “ArcelorMittal has enabled us to support citizens and continue to make small changes that will lead to a healthier community.”

To kickstart the project, Green Venture will disconnect a number of downspouts across Hamilton.  Each will divert about 20,000 litres of rain per year, reducing the amount of polluted water entering the harbour from sewers.  Downspouts will be disconnected from the sewer system, and directed into rain barrels that will store it for use later.  Overflow from the rain barrels will be directed to areas of the property where it can soak into the ground.

If you are interested in being considered for a downspout disconnection and rain barrel installation, or you would like to book a presentation for your group, staff, or class, contact Green Venture.

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