YMCA Summer Youth Jobs Green Venture – “Tire Pressure Clinic”

YMCA offers an opportunity for inexperienced high school students to become a part of the working environment for 6 weeks, either part-time or full-time, depending on if they were having summer school or not. I was fortunate enough to be able to work with Green Venture, who has an amazing staff, and is always friendly and welcoming when you walk through the doors. I have really enjoyed working here because there is always something new to do.  I have experienced the typical necessary gardening tasks such as watering and weeding, worked with power tools if anything had to be built or removed, prepared for school tours and even learned how to work with children (which is great because I already have two little siblings and many other small children I always see at home).

Recently I have participated in the project, “Fuelling Change” which involves informing people about how to save money by inflating their tires to amount that their car recommends, as opposed to what it says on the tires themselves. It was really interesting how much Shell Canada, who sponsored the project, and Green Venture cared about the environment and the community because we were able to show customers where the tire pressure recommendation chart was in their vehicle, and also how to properly check their tire pressure with a manual gauge (which was given out for free!). It was a very fun experience, since I did not previously know any of the information about tire pressure and how it can help the environment when less fuel is burned such as by having proper tire inflation, it reduces the amount of carbon dioxide (2.3kg for every litre) being released into the environment and also if we drive 100km/h on the highway instead of 120km/h, we can save about 13% of our money on gas (the reason I did not know the information is because I do not know how to drive and I always use public transportation to get to places I need to go to).

Tire pressure clinic August 2012

Green Venture students do a tire pressure clinic in August 2012

All of the people who came were very friendly and even wanted to practice how to properly check their tire pressure so they could be prepared for when they needed to do it themselves. After we were done checking their pressure, we were able to give the participants a pamphlet which had tips on how to drive efficiently and even a tire tread checker to check the condition of the tires. Although I really enjoyed being in the event, it did start to rain heavily so we had to put away most of our supplies and less people came. Despite the weather, it was a great experience, and I really want to do more tire pressure clinics during my time here at Green Venture. In the meantime I will be voting for Green Venture for the fueling change on www.fuellingchange.com where I will register and receive 50 votes just for signing up! So, please vote for Green Venture as well to help make our world a greener environment.

– Vanessa Villanueva-Hernandez

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