The John & Pat McCutcheon Foundation Support Depaving Paradise

Thank you to the John & Pat McCutcheon Foundation for their generous contribution to our upcoming Depave Paradise project. Their support will be combined with support from Green Communities Canada to establish a demonstration site at a local school where asphalt paving is torn up and removed this Fall 2012.

The community will be engaged to assist in depaving the space, and once complete, a native species garden will be planted in the formerly paved space. Native species act as filters and sponges for polluted stormwater runoff and help restore the natural hydrological cycle. In addition, this will provide additional greenspace for students to enjoy.

This project will engage and empower volunteers and the community; participants will learn new skills, build connections with their neighbours, and see the potential for new green spaces in the urban environment. If you are interested in becoming involved with this project, please email Clare Wagner at

Thank you John & Pat McCutcheon!  We couldn’t do it without you.

Kathryn, Chaylene, and Clare learn how to depave a schoolyard during Green Communities Canada training in Kingston.

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