Green Venture Digs into Rain Gardens (My Green Adventures Part 2 of 5)

My Green Adventures is Green Venture’s open house event, taking place on Saturday October 13th from 10AM until 3PM, at our demonstration home, EcoHouse (22 Veevers Drive, Hamilton).  In the weeks leading up to My Green Adventures, we will feature blog posts highlighting some of the exciting activities taking place on October 13th.


On Thursday September 20, Green Venture hosted a Rain Garden Workshop.  North American Rain Garden Guru, Rusty Schmidt, was flown in from Minnesota to lead 10 professionals in a hands on workshop aimed to illustrate the process of building and maintaining rain gardens.   There was a large classroom component, but participants were able to dig in and build their very own rain garden before the day was over.

This is the third rain garden constructed at EcoHouse in the past five years.  This particular garden is located on the east side of the property, and brings us one step closer to managing 100% of our stormwater runoff.

Funding for this workshop was generously provided by Green Communities Canada, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, and the RBC Blue Water Project.

Strategically placed, rain gardens significantly improve water quality by absorbing and filtering runoff.  Traditionally, rain lands on hard surfaces (roofs, roads, parking lots), picks up numerous pollutants and transports them directly to Hamilton Harbour.  This rain garden will capture the runoff and allow it to infiltrate slowly into the ground.

Join us at EcoHouse on October 13 for our official Rain Garden Launch.  See our new brand new rain garden in person, as well as the other two rain gardens on our property (planted 1 year ago, and 4 years ago).  That same day is My Green Adventures, which is a day when EcoHouse is open to the public for tours.

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