Letter to Prime Minister: Supporting Home Energy Retrofits Provides Cost Effective Job Creation and Many Benefits


Today, Green Venture sent the letter below to the Prime Minister and all MPs outlining the economic benefits of a home retrofit program and encouraging such a program be funded in the 2013 budget.

Pete Wobschall
Executive Director
Green Venture

The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, PC, MP
Prime Minister of Canada
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6

Supporting Home Energy Retrofits Provides Cost Effective Job Creation and Many Benefits

Dear Prime Minister,

As the federal government plans for future initiatives to cost effectively create new jobs and opportunities for residents and businesses in Canada we ask that you review the five part Home Energy Action Plan put forward by the Save Energy First national industry coalition. Part one of the plan calls for a three-year renewal of the federal ecoENERGY home retrofit incentive program.  A three year program renewal would have the following benefits:

Cost-Neutral Job Creation for Budget 2013:  Home retrofit programs are proven cost-neutral job creation measures, generating $2 in tax revenue for every $1 invested in homeowner grants. See saveenergyfirst.ca/action-plan. The jobs and businesses that would be created are in all communities and ridings in the renovation, manufacturing, sales and support services sectors.

Successful, Innovative, and Popular Program: The federal ecoENERGY home retrofit incentive program  has been an outstanding success in terms of the number of homes it has reached, the jobs created, the economic stimulus achieved, the energy saved and the greenhouse gases reduced.

Keeps Life Affordable for Families:  The federal ecoENERGY home retrofit incentive program assists Canadian families make smart energy retrofit investments in their homes, save energy, lower their energy bills, and protect the environment. Families can use these annual energy bill savings to better manage monthly debt payments and protect family budgets in the face of extreme weather and rising energy prices.

Has Broad Support from Industry and Environmental Sectors: The federal ecoENERGY home retrofit incentive program and energy conservation programs in general, have the unique attribute of being broadly accepted by business and industry of all sizes as well as the environmental sector.

Please ask the Minister of Finance, Hon Jim Flaherty to renew the ecoENERGY Retrofit-Homes program for three years in Budget 2013 as part of an integrated plan to cost effectively create jobs and provide stable, long-term policy support for the home energy retrofit industry and the many economic and environmental benefits this support would bring.

Best Regards,…

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