Extreme Makeover: EcoHouse Community Garden Edition

It has been a long process of planning and execution, but the overhaul of the EcoHouse Community Garden is complete! With a fresh layout and over 250 square metres of garden area renovated, the new community garden will certainly be a vibrant and busy place this summer – plot holders, volunteers, community members, and staff alike can visit the garden to learn more about organic gardening while growing their own food at the same time.

Some of the main changes to the EcoHouse Community Garden:

  • There are now wide, stabilized, mulched pathways throughout the garden to create safe access for school and camp tours, as well as other visitors walking through.
  • The garden has moved to a ‘plot system,’ meaning that community members may pay a small fee to rent a plot for the summer and collect their harvest as the season progresses.
  • All of the garden plots consist of raised beds, making it easier for gardeners with a limited range of motion to participate in our garden.
  • A community message board was installed to provide up-to-date seasonal information and to enhance garden member and volunteer communication.
  • Educational signage was added to the garden space, highlighting sustainable gardening techniques, plants, insects and conservation tips.

We would like to thank Walmart-Evergreen for providing us with the funds to complete this project. We would also like to thank Allegra printing for working with us to complete the educational signage for the garden.

Interested in getting involved as a volunteer? Want a garden plot of your own? Contact us via email at contact@greenventure.ca, by phone at 905-540-8787, or come visit EcoHouse to see this wonderful new space!

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Written by Rebecca J.


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