Flood-proofing your home – from the outside!

This is the first post in a series focused on the RAIN Home Visit Program in the City of Hamilton. This post will explain the service itself and how it can help keep properties safe from water damage.

If you’re a home owner chances are your property has experienced outside water issues in one capacity or another. To help residents deal with such issues Green Venture is delivering the RAIN Home Visit Program starting summer 2014. Customers receive one-on-one advice from a trained and certified RAIN Home Guide to help home owners:

  • identify specific water issues unique to their property, and
  • identify best practices for how to deal with such issues

Water related problems often stem from the ways rain water is being managed. The first and most important question for home owners to answer is: When it rains – where does the water go?

Answering this question is the best place to start protecting your property against water damage. If the house is covered with working eaves and downspouts chances are the roof is being protected from water damage. However, once the rain makes its way through the eaves and out the downspouts, this water still has the potential to do damage – especially to foundation walls, patios and paved area, driveways, and lawns. The RAIN Home Visit’s are intended to help you understand what is happening to the water on your property to take it from a potential liability, to a valued resource.

A property with no prior history of water damage does not mean it will be free of future problems. As time passes and the ground is continuously being wetted and dried, frozen and thawed, walked and driven on new problems can arise. RAIN Home Guides are trained to take a proactive approach to water issues and identify potential problem areas of the future. Protecting your investment starts from the outside, before it gets inside. 

For more information on this service visit Green Ventures RAIN webpage at: http://water.greenventure.ca/rain-home-guide-service

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