Ozone Laundry at EcoHouse

Laundry detergents can contain toxic chemicals which can be harmful for both the environment and human health. Even claimed ‘natural green detergent’ is not always the most environmentally friendly. A safe and ecofriendly alternative to detergents is ozone washing. At Green Venture we use an ozone Laundry system to help keep our laundry as green as possible.

airtrona in solarium

The AirTrona Ozone Laundry System used at Green Venture

How Ozone Laundry Works:

The laundry system dissolves ozone into water. From the strong water pressure the end result is 100% dissolved ozonated water, which replaces any detergents, bleach or other chemicals you may use to wash your clothing. The ozone is so strong that it disinfects dirty clothes, eliminating the need for soap. Afterwards the ozonated water is drained out into the waste water system and any leftover ozone is naturally converted back into oxygen.

Although an uncontrolled level of ozone can have health and safety implications, our AirTrona ozone laundry system uses a front load washer and a venturi injection system to add ozone carefully to water. The front load washer has an air tight seal, which is required. A lack of seal, such as on a top load washing machine, can cause the ozone gas to leak. The ozone laundry system can only be installed for front load washers. The venturi injection system is very efficient during the process of diluting ozone into water. Eliminating nearly all of the ozone that is left in gaseous form, to leave a minuscule residual amount to be released through the washer’s vent at the rear of the machine. The AirTrona ozone laundry also comes with an ozone monitor to guarantee your laundry room has a controlled level of ozone and to ensure your safety. The monitor also will shut off automatically if external air ozone levels reach too high for safety standards.


Front loader washer at EcoHouse- only use ozone systems with front loaders!

Benefits of Ozone Laundry

The outcome of ozone laundry systems are beneficial for both yourself and the environment. Firstly the system requires no detergents, bleaches or soaps, keeping harmful chemicals out of the wastewater systems, while saving you from having to purchase these products. Also by eliminating the steps it takes for the soap to go through the system and break down it allows the wash to be completed in fewer cycles, saving you time and the machine energy. In addition to the shorter cycles the ozone laundry system is able to clean your garments in cold water, getting rid of the need for how water. Heating up the water is one of the most energy consuming tasks for laundry machines, and by solely using cold water you are conserving a lot of energy.

Once the ozone system has completed the wash cycle, you are still able to save on time and energy during the time it takes to dry your clothes. The Ozone laundry lowers water retention within your clothing, and when less water is within your textiles it takes a significantly shorter time to dry them. The dryer is a huge energy drainer and the less amount of time and energy you can waste on that appliance the better. Even if you hang dry your items they will still take less time, and you will be conserving the most amount of energy with this option.

Using the ozone system gives your clothing that same ‘‘fresh air’’ scent as if you hung them out to dry on the clothing line. Not only does your clothing now smell great, but it is noticeably softer, without the use of harmful fabric softeners. You get all the benefits of detergents without the use of toxic chemicals. This results in your clothing lasting up to 5 times longer than ever before.

ozone shirts

The shirt on the right shows obvious splotching from laundry residue, which the shirt on the left (which was washed in the GV ozone laundry system) does not have any. You can’t tell from the picture, but the ozone-washed shirt is noticeably softer too, as a result of eliminating the laundry soap (and the need for fabric softener).

Costs of the system

The AirTrona Ozone Laundry System retails for around $400. The length it will take to make back that up-front cost will vary depending on how you conduct your laundry to begin with. If you are an individual who pays top dollar for detergents, fabric softeners and bleaches, that cost will be out-right eliminated with the use of the ozone, saving you money there. You will also be saving money on your energy bills by using cold water for your laundry rather than hot water. This will be a significant saving if you previously used hot water. However, if you have always used cold water then the saving benefits will not apply to your utility bills. Therefore if you are an individual who uses a lot of costly soaps and hot water for your laundry you will be making your return back from the machine significantly faster than others. However, in laundry detergent alone to pay back the machine will take you approximately two years, then you will eventually be ahead. The unit is warranted for those two years, and the machine has a life span of five years.

For more information on the ozone laundry system in use at Green Venture, visit http://www.airtrona.com/, or come by and a look at the unit yourself at EcoHouse (22 Veevers Drive, Hamilton).

3 Responses to Ozone Laundry at EcoHouse

  • Matt says:

    Is this unit still installed at EcoHouse? If so, is it running well? I am contemplating purchasing a system for my laundering, but haven’t jumped the $400 hurdle yet. Would like some real testimonial from a reputable organization.

  • Green Venture says:

    Yes, the ozone laundry system is still handling well. We haven’t crunched any savings numbers recently, but functionally the unit works as advertised. There have been no mechanical or operational problems with it.

    We haven’t bought any laundry soap or fabric softener since this time last year, so that has to be worth something. -Michael G (GV)

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