Putting our Waste to Work

The 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. A familiar phrase and usually exhibited by any environmentally friendly program or event. We often talk about recycling more and consuming less, but today we wanted to focus on reusing.

In Hamilton, the City operates drop off centres where you can donate furniture, appliances, and bulk items like toys. There are three locations in Hamilton where you can drop off stuff to be reused.

  • 37 Kilbride Road (Mountain) + (Store)
  • 460 Kenora Avenue (East Hamilton)
  • 27 Olympic Drive (Dundas)

The location at 37 Kilbride Road even has a store where you can purchase re-usable items.

Reusing just makes sense! We have already made the product, we might as well reuse it. Disposable products have become attractive because they are convenient and we usually don’t directly pay to throw away our waste. The cost of disposal isn’t included in the ticket price and paid through our taxes so it often isn’t factored into the purchase leaving us with tons of disposable items filling our landfills.

Reusing can also come in many forms, you may be reusing and not even know it! Like using a refillable water bottle, instead of a disposable plastic water bottle. Our using reusable coffee cups, tupperware instead of plastic bags and reusable grocery or tote bags. You’re increasing the lifetime of the product and reducing the need for another!

Within Hamilton, there are lots of companies centred on reusing like Habitat for Humanity’s restore. The Restore takes donations in home renovation materials, such as doors, toilets, lights, and furniture and sell them at significantly lower prices than you would pay for a brand new version.

One company you may not know about in Hamilton which is centered on reusing is REfficient. REfficient is a leader in asset recovery and reverse logistics for the reuse and resale in telecommunications and cable. What does that mean?

REfficient helps telecommunications companies buy or sell inventory or equipment. Large companies may be looking to manage their extensive networks and small companies may be looking to expand. REfficient helps these companies connect and solve these problems. Not only that but as a customer of REfficient you can also request statistics on waste diversion rates and the carbon footprint of your transaction. This means that companies that want to become environmental friendly can instantly know their impact and use that information to make better decisions.

Whether you’re an individual bagging your groceries with reusable bags or a large organization looking for a new printer, the bottom line is reusing is an economic venture. There are plenty of things and ways to reuse in Hamilton, why not give it a try?!

Written by: Peter Harris

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