Veevers Park – Clean and Green

On June 20th Green Venture set out to Veevers Park with a mission of ‘planting and beautification’. Several times a year, with the help of staff and volunteers, we head to our adopted park to do some tidying. These projects can include litter collection, planting, weeding, graffiti removal, painting, and anything else that the area might need. We adopted Veevers Park in 2013 to connect and contribute to the local area and community surrounding our office, Ecohouse.

Our clean-up this past weekend was very productive! We gathered 4 large yard waste bins full of weeds; mostly notably was the thistle growth around the play area. There was a large patch of these prickly little weeds right on the children’s playground restricting where they could run and play. Volunteers and staff put on their extra thick gloves and made the area safe and spacious to play in again for little ones.Veevers Park Clean Up 1

Thank You!

A big thank you goes out to all the patrons of Veevers Park! We collected half a bag of trash from the entire park. Keeping our parks clean and enjoyable is a community effort and it is obvious that you all are doing your part to do so! Keep up the great work.

During our time cleaning and planting on Saturday many families came by to utilize the park but one woman and her two small children get our special thanks. They left the park, seemingly just done playing for the morning, but came back shortly after with donuts for our team. It was such a kind and appreciated gesture that gave us the extra energy we needed to get the job done.Veevers Park Clean Up 2

Last, but certainly not least, we want to thank the volunteers who came out. You worked very hard on a hot, sunny, Saturday morning with cheerful smiles and tons of energy! We could not have done it without you!

Adopt-a-Park Program

The adopt-a-park program is run through the City of Hamilton to bring communitiesVeevers Park Clean Up 3 together through parks – “Great parks make great neighbourhoods!” A group signs on for a 3 year timeframe and organizes park enhancements as well as clean-ups. To learn more about this program and how you can make a difference in your area check out this link.

Leave us a comment on your favourite park to visit in Hamilton or how Green Venture can continue to improve Veevers Park in future clean-ups!

Written by: Ashley Keenan

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