Putting EcoStars on the Hamilton Climate Change Map

Hamilton is a city that has been well mapped: road maps, transit maps, bike route maps, Matt Jelly Neighbourhood maps, and local food maps. But did you know that we also have a climate change map?? The McMaster Centre for Climate Change has gathered many local organizations (including Green Venture and Clean Air Hamilton) together and created two Climate Change Maps. One map records actions that people are taking to minimize climate change, and the other map records impacts that people notice around climate change. Part of our EcoStar Challenge is to get all the great activities that students are participating in, up on the Climate Change Map! As classes submit their completed challenges, one of our Green Venture staff adds them to the Climate Change map. Now everyone in Hamilton can see the exciting things that students are doing and be inspired to get involved in minimizing climate change.

The Climate Change maps are open to all individuals, families, schools, churches, businesses and organizations in Hamilton. If you are doing something around Climate Change, make sure you put yourself on the map!

To check out the Climate Change Maps go to: http://www.mapclimatechange.ca/maps.html

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