“It has to be more than gardening and recycling”

“It has to be more than gardening and recycling”. That was my first thought when I began the process of gathering ideas for the EcoStars Challenge. I wanted to make sure that our Challenges represented the fact that living sustainably touches every part of our lives, and that Hamilton students have many styles of learning. That is why if you take a few moments to look through our EcoStar Challenges, you will find Challenges covering everything from jokes to maps to spoken word poetry. You will also find Challenges that encourage leadership (“start a writing instrument recycling program at your school”), as well as those that encourage community (“invite a younger class to join you for local snacks”). Our hope is that these small Challenges will lead to lifestyle changes at school and home.

To prove that change is possible, I like to tell visiting classes that when I was in school there were no green boxes or blue boxes, everything just went in the garbage! That I learned about recycling at school, and it slowly started to happen at home. At Green Venture we believe that giving students a chance to do hands-on learning around environmental issues, will lead to society wide change in the future.

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