Welcome back Heather!

After working For the City of Hamilton for ten years helping engage our community and City staff in making Hamilton a little greener and more sustainable I have taken early retirement and now have the opportunity to get involved with Green Venture again. It feels like coming home!

I was Executive Director of Green Venture from 1995 to 2007. During that time I was busy with all aspects of administration, planning, staffing, daily operations and financial management. However what I loved best about my job was engaging with the public and students and sharing my passion and knowledge about the natural environment and ways to protect it.

Returning to Green Venture at this stage I get to do all the fun stuff without having to worry about the administrative work. Since I have returned, I have had the opportunity to make worm bins with the students at Millgrove School so that they can reduce their lunch garbage by composting their food scraps at school. I have made seed balls with the Sparks of Stoney Creek and helped them learn how plants grow. Seed bombs are my favorite activity with the kids. When I tell them they have to use their hands to mix up seeds, clay and soil they reactions are loud and honest. There’s lots of “ewwwws” but also some “Yes!”. I normally ask them “Who lives on the Earth?” Everybody! “Who needs to take care of the Earth?” Everybody! “Who needs to get their hands dirty?” Everybody! I want them to have fun but still understand how important it is for every one of us to do our part. I am so inspired by the knowledge and enthusiasm that these students exhibit.

Our planet is facing a lot of challenges. We are worried about climate change, plastics in the oceans, species at risk, toxics in our food and water etc. But there are a lot of great people who are passionate about making changes and protecting our natural environment and I am glad to be able to work together with them to make our community and our world a little better.

Groups might be making paper, running the Waste Race, they might even get to be the Mayor in a town hall meeting! We know how much of a challenge it can be to find school trips that both meet the required curriculum and are engaging for the kids. At the Eco House we can help everyone meet their goals and have a great time.
To book a tour contact Virginia the Education Manager at education@greenventure.ca or 905 540 8787 x154 or click the teachers link on our greenventure.ca home page.

I look forward to meeting you all!!!
Heather Donison

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