Welcome Moira!

My name is Moira and I am one of the new staff members here at EcoHouse!! I am currently working as an education support staff member, and I am the coordinator for our Annual Fundraiser Uproot!  While I am new with Green Venture, I am no stranger to education.  I studied at the University of Guelph and graduated in the spring of 2015 with an Honours Degree in Sociology & an accompanying Minor in History, and I am also employed with the City of Hamilton at Battlefield House Museum & Park as a historical interpreter.

In my roles with the city and my roles here, I am very lucky to combine my main passions: my love of historic homes, educating people of all ages and making the world I live in a greener place!  I am very lucky to have grown up in Hamilton and I have always enjoyed our green spaces and our push to make our community more green minded.  I am continually learning and adapting to make my life as sustainable and waste free as possible, so, I am super excited to work at Green Venture.  In my short time here, I have already made changes in my personal life, which will positively impact my aim for a greener lifestyle.


So far, I have been introduced to some of our education programs, and my favourite aspects are our seed bombs (the perfect addition to any gardening arsenal, especially for a lazy gardener like myself) and our smoothie bike (who doesn’t like smoothies as a reward for physical exercise?).  The seed bombs are a bit mushy to make, but most children love the experience of playing in clay and soil, plus- they are told to get dirty and make something similar to a mud pie. For me, the aspect of turning a unused, or underdeveloped piece of land in a beautiful, colourful garden is a wonderful treat for any community.  The smoothie bike on the other hand, is a fun program even for adults. They get to create their own smoothie recipe, they have the opportunity of keeping the bike for a week and they have a guilt-free snack break.  Those participating are using energy produced solely by riding a stationary bike to blend their smoothie on the attached blender.


These are just two examples of the amazing educational programs that we have available here at Green Venture.  We know how much of a challenge it can be to find school trips that both meet the required curriculum and are engaging for the kids. At the EcoHouse we can help everyone meet their goals and have a great time.

To book a tour contact Virginia the Education Manager at education@greenventure.ca or 905 540 8787 x154 or click the teachers link on our greenventure.ca home page.  And who knows, maybe you’ll have me on one of your tours!

Or if you would like to come to our fundraiser event Uproot visit our website or contact Moira at. moira.mcguigan@greenventure.ca



 Moira- wearing her other hat…so to speak… as a historical interpreter.

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