Update from the EcoHouse living roof project

Our EcoHouse living roof project is getting a bit of a fix this summer.

 2015 – living roof modules

In 2015 we installed the green roof modules on part of the pergola, but due to weight considerations, we opted instead not to add more modules. Instead, we tried our hand at growing some creeper vines. the idea was the the vines would eventually cover the pergola, creating a lush canopy.

It didn’t go exactly to plan, as a couple of bad winters knocked out the vines and its original placement in the shadow of one of our more aggressive white pines didn’t help.

So, this spring, the Virginia creeper was repotted and moved, and look at it now! We’ve got some tendrils climbing the posts, which is precisely what we were going for.

 2018- new growth virginia creeper

Come and take a look at it later in the summer for our “Green Venture Community Day” (Sat Aug 11) , or visit us for the Uproot fundraiser dinner in September, and take in the vista under the pergola. For more information on Uproot tickets, please contact moira.mcguigan@greenventure.ca or call 905-540-8787.

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