Welcome Guppy!

Hello everyone!

I’m Victoria or as the campers will know me Guppy, I’m one of the newest Environmental Program assistants hired for the summer of 2018. When I first came to the Green Venture’s Eco House for the seedling sale in May, I had no idea I would have such an awesome opportunity to work here over the summer. I was amazed with all the environmental education set up around the house alone and I thought to myself this place would be perfect for me to get some REAL work experience in the field I’m studying. I asked if there was any last minute hiring and to my surprise there was. When I came for my interview I was stoked just to be in the Eco House again!

I’m a student at the University of Guelph studying Environmental Management. Just last semester in a project course my friends and I designed a fully sustainable high-school. It was so exciting to come to the Green Venture’s Eco House and see so many of the aspects that we had implemented in our school put to work here. For example, the solar panels that provide energy to be used or sold to the government for use, the grey water toilet which recycles water, the insulation used in the Eco House that allows for energy savings in heating and cooling and even the green roof.

I have worked in several rec positions with children and adults, including some summer camps that involved animal welfare and environmental education programs and planning! I believe that teaching children about the environment at an early age can really create a greener future. I’m super excited to work with the Eco star summer camp, and to create some fun programs for the kids that will teach all about ecological practices through some hands on activities.

There’s still spots available for camp sign up today!!!

Our camp weeks run 9 to 4:

July 2 to July 6

July 9 to July 13

July 23 and 27

July 30 to August 3

Before and after care is available.

To register contact Virginia (Snow) at 905 540 8787 X154 or education@greenventure.ca or sign up on our website www.greenventure.ca

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