Annual Reports

Green Venture is proud to present our annual reports on the status of the organization and our programs, that can be downloaded as PDF documents.

We are continually improving our reporting to the community. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for improvement, please contact us anytime.

Green Venture Annual Report 2014-15

Green Venture Annual Report 2013

Green Venture Annual Report 2012

Green Venture Annual Report 2011

Green Venture Annual Report 2010

Green Venture Annual Report 2009

Green Venture Annual Report 2008

Sustainability Reports

Green Venture participates in the Sustainable Hamilton reporting initiative, producing an annual report on the triple-bottom line performance of organization’s operations and how Green Venture implements sustainable practices in its office and outreach functions.

Each year we have participated in Sustainable Hamilton’s reporting program, we have been honoured with an award for our report. In 2013, our Sustainability Report won the Best Small-Organization award and in 2014, the Best Sustainability Report award from Sustainable Hamilton.

Green Venture Sustainability Report 2014

Green Venture Sustainability Report 2013

Green Venture Sustainability Report 2012