Employment Opportunities

  1. Certified/Registered Energy Adviser (posting available until June 20, 2017)

Green Venture is looking to hire a part-time Registered Energy Adviser (REA). Certified Energy Advisers (CEA) who have not yet upgraded their qualifications may also apply.



Volunteer Positions (ongoing 2017):

1. Gardens Volunteers (Spring Summer, Fall)

We’re looking for a few good garden volunteers! The EcoHouse is surrounded by 2 acres, a veritable oasis of green in our east Hamilton suburb. The gardens need at lot of love. Are you looking for an outdoor volunteer job (requiring about 1 morning, afternoon, or evening a week) to help look after a heritage garden, a pollinator garden, a rain garden, or others? If so, please contact erinn.todd@greenventure.ca

2. Board of Director position

Green Venture’s Board of Directors is currently seeking a new member to help provide strategic and operational direction for the organization. .

Click here for the job Description for this volunteer position.

To apply, please fill in the form below. 

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