Past Projects

Pet Waste Composting

This program featured workshops on why to use, how to build, and how to maintain a pet waste composter.

Hamilton Gold Box Program

Gold boxes represent:

1. Noticeably good capture rates and low contamination rates in blue boxes. Capture and contamination rates show knowing ‘what goes where’ and putting things in the right container.

2. Visible food scraps and lack of contamination in a green cart.

3. One bag of garbage or less at the curb.

Hamilton Reuses

Since 2008, Freecycle has become popular, creating a residential exchange option for residents.

Funding for the Hamilton Reuses website ended in 2012. The current iteration of Hamilton  now links visitors to IWasteNot Systems, which maintains the Recyclopedia, an information source for disposal options for all of your reusable things.

See also:

Hamilton ReStore

285 Nash Road North, Unit 1

Proceeds from material salvage help fund the Hamilton ReStore and local Habitat for Humanity builds



REfficient Inc. is an online marketplace and services which allows organizations to buy, resell, donate and recycle obsolete assets. We help organizations to identify inventory and assets which still have a life in today’s market. Even if an item is considered obsolete or past life to one organization does not mean it belongs in a landfill or recycling center. Many smaller organizations may still require these items. Their goal is to bring together these types of organizations and as a result reduce the amount of items diverted to landfills each year.

Refficient offers a number of services including carbon footprint impact of sales and redeployment of unwanted assets. REfficient’s corporate mission is “To inspire corporations to do the right thing by making it cost effective, convenient, and an enhancement to their triple bottom line”

Liveable Cities

Green Venture offered Complete Streets for Liveable Cities presentations to get people thinking about how they could help create a more vibrant Hamilton.  Success stories from other Canadian cities show how proper land use planning can improve quality of life and encourage active and sustainable transportation.  Some things that planners should consider when designing neighbourhoods can be found at

Small Engine Powered Tools

The Small Engine Powered Equipment program raised public awareness on the harmful pollutants released by older gas-powered equipment while highlighting cleaner equipment choices and best lawn care practices to reduce air emissions.

Green Zone Business Certification

In an effort to recognize and certify the outstanding green businesses in our community and promote their services; Green Venture and Clean Air Hamilton teamed up to create the Green Zone Business Certification program.

This program was designed for small to medium sized businesses located in Hamilton and as such provides links to resources available locally.