Doors Open Hamilton 2017

Green Venture is pleased to invite the neighbours in as part of our annual open-house weekend. This year, the EcoHouse (Glen Manor) and its gardens (the Veevers Estate) are featured on the Doors Open Hamilton list of sites.

EcoHouse will be open from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday May 6, 2017 and from 12 pm to 4 pm on Sunday May 7, 2017.  We will be running as an open house for most of that time, but there will also be two special 30- minute guided tours each day. There is no admission charge, although donations are always welcome.

Doors Open Hamilton is an architecture and heritage focused event, and so here will be a rare opportunity to visit the site with an eye not just to our many environmental demonstrations and sustainability ideas, but also to explore the past of the building and grounds. At 1 pm each day, Green Venture will be offering a guided tour of the house, focusing on its heritage architecture and occupants. At 2 pm each day there will be a matching tour of the grounds, again focusing on interesting heritage elements.

Glen Manor driveway, 1982

Come and see our newest additions: the water treatment display, our bike rack made out of recycled metal parts, and the seedling racks in the solarium. Inside, in addition to the sustainable living displays, there will also be a special opportunity to visit the 1850s basement section of the building and the historical “mud room”.  These areas of the building are not normally open to the public, but are a crucial part of the heritage of the site. In these areas of the basement, the Veevers family maintained their workshop, their first indoor bathroom, and a unique dog kennel. Today these areas are storage and the location of the inverter for the solar and wind energy generation equipment.

Finally, Green Venture will also be offering a selection of vegetable seedlings for sale as a fundraiser. Looking to get a head-start on spring gardening? Why not take home a heritage tomato or pepper seedling? Our plants have all been grown without pesticides in the EcoHouse solarium. Some are heirloom seeds from the Hamilton Seed Library, located on site.



UpRoot Hamilton – Green Venture’s 20th Anniversary Celebration

Every now and again we need to be challenged and motivated to get out of our routines and try out new ideas and experiences, finding ourselves UpRooted! On October 3rd Green Venture hosted it’s first ever fundraiser, pulling up its own roots and trying new things to grow as an organization. What a success it was! Despite the strong winds, rain and unseasonably cool temperatures, people came out to help  celebrate 20 years of environmental outreach and education in the Hamilton community and donate  to help keep Green Venture going strong for the next 20 years! Continue reading

Celebrating 20 Years: A Look Back

Green Venture officially began operating in 1995, making 2015 our 20th anniversary. Although we’ll be marking this special occasion with an amazing event called UpRoot Hamilton (which you can read more about), we’ve also taken the time to think about our past 20 years, and the amazing journey we’ve been on as we try to make Hamilton and area the most environmentally friendly place to live, one day, and one action, at a time. Continue reading

Hamilton Reuses: A Tonne of Opportunity

Every day, many tonnes of waste from homes and businesses in the City of Hamilton are dumped into landfills. To divert some of this waste, it is important that we practice the three R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Most people know to reduce waste by buying only what they need and to recycle by separating certain materials from the trash, but many people don’t know ways to offer up their unwanted belongings for reuse.

For instance, trying to find someone in need of your ancient dial television can be a time-consuming process with disappointing results; also, moving bulky items (think of that tacky and oversized couch in your living room) can be a very difficult task.

Luckily, Hamilton has a number of services and opportunities that can help you get your unwanted items into the right hands so that they can be happily reused by somebody else. While you’re at it, you might even make some extra cash!

Name of Business

Extra Information

Website/Contact Information

Kijiji & Craigslist: free online services like the local classified ads in newspapers.

Registered members can buy and sell virtually anything that is not considered illegal by the website’s standards.Etiquette is for the buyer to pick up the item(s) being sold so you don’t have to worry about moving heavy items!



Hamilton Reuses: like Kijiji, an online service to exchange goods within the City of Hamilton.

Although it is not as popular as Kijiji, the website has other resources like the Recyclopedia which has information on places to recycle almost anything (including hazardous materials).On the site’s forums, users can offer their junk up for sale (or to give away) and browse offers posted by other people.


The Reuse Centre: accepts almost any items from the household or workplace including building supplies.

Takes unwanted junk off your hands to be resold in their store.Items cannot be damaged, soiled, incomplete, or hazardous. Call them if you are unsure of how to properly dispose of these items.

Resells items dropped off at the centre for cheap.


Address:  3335 North Service Road, Unit #2A, Burlington, ON.

Phone Number: 905-319-0477


Freecycle: an online network of groups that reuse each other’s goods.

Members form local recycling “communities” that offer up and exchange goods with one another.Unlike Kijiji, everything listed must be completely FREE.

Find a group near you on their website.



Donation Centres: places that accept gently-used household wares to be resold. Revenue usually goes towards charity work.

Value Village has a number of drop-off locations for unwanted household items that can be found here.Pickups can be arranged for bulky items.


The Goodwill Donation Centre accepts clothing, household wares and linens, furniture and small appliances for resale.Proceeds from the sale of these goods help support work in helping people find employment opportunities.  

Address: 1050 Upper Gage Avenue, Hamilton, ON

Phone Number: 905-526-8488

-Evan Gravely