Community Programs


Burning one litre of gasoline punches 2.3 kg of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas,  into the atmosphere and contributes to climate change.  If we burn less fuel we create less carbon dioxide.

EcoDrivers strive to burn less fuel – while they are driving.   Join the growing number of EcoDrivers on the road.  They save money and they are safer drivers too!

Depave Paradise

Green Venture currently delivers Green Communities Canada’s Depave Paradise Program. Through this program, we partner with local school, organizations and community groups to remove asphalt and concrete to renew and beautify community spaces. Demonstration projects like these help to build sense of community and motivate participants to consider other depaving projects.

GALA Alleyway Project

Alleyways are a defining feature of older urban neighbourhoods. Such extensive networks of passageways and open spaces offer easy access to homes and businesses with minimal car interference. Rather than developing alleys for the benefit of the community, they have become forgotten, underused and abused public spaces. Through our GALA Alleyway Project, we are working with the local neighbourhood to transform the alleyway north of Barton St, between Milton Ave and Westinghouse Ave, to include native species gardens, solar lighting, local art, games, birdhouses, and so much more.

Totally Transit

Re-discover the benefits of riding the bus with Green Venture’s Totally Transit education program.  In partnership with the Hamilton Street Railway (HSR), Green Venture has developed the Totally Transit program to introduce elementary school students or seniors to Hamilton’s public transit system.  Through hands-on participation students acquire the skills to take the bus safely and confidently.

Climate Change Hamilton

In conjunction with Clean Air Hamilton, Green Venture has been delivering the Climate Change Hamilton program since 2008. The Climate Change Hamilton program assists local individuals, businesses, organizations, and community groups in managing the environmental impact of their operation through greenhouse gas reductions and adaptation measures. The program achieves this on-going support of charter signatories, providing tools and resources to meet charter commitments, as well as communication and promotion of positive social norms and behaviour.

EcoStars Summer Camps

Green Venture is excited to offer a new learning experience at EcoHouse for 2016: EcoStars Summer Camp! If you’re the type of camper who loves getting dirty, learning about our environment and playing outside then Green Venture’s Eco Star camp is the place for you!