EcoDriver (and anti-idling)

Just the Facts Please

Burning one litre of gasoline punches 2.3 kg of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas,  into the atmosphere and contributes to climate change.  If we burn less fuel we create less carbon dioxide.

EcoDrivers strive to burn less fuel – while they are driving.   Join the growing number of EcoDrivers on the road.  They save money and they are safer drivers too! EcoDriver is a program developed by Green Communities Canada and executed locally by Green Venture.

Fuel Efficient Driving

Driving fuel efficiently is more than just driving the speed limit and not idling (although these are a good starters).  The difference between the most and least fuel efficient drivers on the road is about 35%.  That means that instead of $1 per litre, the least fuel efficient driver is effectively paying $1.35 per litre.  For helpful tips , links and information on how to reduce the amount of fuel you burn while driving go to

Buying a Fuel Efficient Vehicle

  • Step 1: Think really hard about the types of trips that you make in your vehicle.
  • Step 2: Choose a vehicle type that will accommodate the majority of your trips.
  • Step 3: Compare makes and models for fuel efficiency.  See Natural Resources Canada’s fuel efficient vehicles.
  • Step 4: Learn about fuel saving and fuel guzzling ‘options’
  • Step 5: Buy the most fuel efficient vehicle that you can afford.
  • Step 5: Go forth and EcoDrive

Maintaining Tire Pressures to Get Maximum Fuel Efficiency

Under inflated tires cost Canadians over 640 million litres of wasted fuel annually.  Be tire smart and find out how to properly check and inflate tires.

Driving Less

The best way to reduce the amount of gas we burn is to drive less.  Transit, carpools and working from home all help us drive less.

It takes a while for a car to warm up to peak operating temperature.  The same goes for the emission control system.  In fact, for the first 2 km of a drive the catalytic converter isn’t fully functioning.  This means that all those smog forming emissions are coming out untreated.  Try walking or cycling to replace some of those highly polluting short car trips.  These healthy commutes are good for the planet, the wallet and our personal health.

Tire Pressure Clinics 

In the past, Green Venture has offered Tire Pressure clinics: short “tire tune-up workshops”, in cooperation with local businesses, like Canadian Tire.

If you would like one of these workshops for your group, please contact Green Venture at 905-540-8787, ext 117.  There may be a nominal charge.

Anti-idling Campaigns

Since 2007, Green Venture has championed anti-idling in Hamilton. Our staff and volunteers help to reduce anti-idling in Hamilton through education campaigns and the provision of information materials. The Fresh Air for Kids program works through local schools and parents councils.

Are you looking for some anti-idling by-law signs for your school, place of business, or other building? There is a nominal charge for the full-colour coroplast signs with grommets and zip-ties. Green Venture will also be pleased to provide you with literature to hand out about anti-idling in Hamilton.

Wanting to run an anti-idling campaign at your school or church, etc.? Ask us how Green Venture can assist. Please  call 90-540-8787, x117 or email