GALA Alleyway Project

Alleyways are a defining feature of older urban neighbourhoods. Such extensive networks of passageways and open spaces offer easy access to homes and businesses with minimal car interference. Rather than developing alleys for the benefit of the community, they have become forgotten, underused and abused public spaces. City staff has said illegal dumping, overgrown vegetation, and drainage problems top the list of complaints. Ward 3, which includes the GALA neighbourhood, has over 37 kilometers of Alleyways, representing 37% of all alleyways in Hamilton and the largest percentage of alleyways in any ward (City of Hamilton, Alleyway Review).

Meet the GALA Alleyway Project

Beautifying community spaces by adding green, public space not only renews the space, but has been proven to improve our community’s water quality, build neighbourhoods, increase bicycle and pedestrian connections and increase natural habitats for birds and butterflies. Through our GALA Alleyway Project, Green Venture is working to transform the alleyway north of Barton St, between Milton Ave and Westinghouse Ave, to include native species gardens, solar lighting, local art, natural playgrounds and games, and so much more.

This is a community-led project to revitalize underused alleyways into beautiful, community space. Green Venture will be working with the community between January and December 2015 to identify spaces, plan, design, and revitalize urban pubic space.

On September 26th, 2015, over 30 volunteers and Gibson/Landsdale residents came together to transform the Westmill Alley (running from Westinghouse Ave to Milton Ave, north of Barton St E) by planting native species wildflowers and plants, installing benches, lighting and birdhouses, and adding a mural!

See all of the pictures from the day here.

Watch a video by Liz Chernichenko about the project

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