Totally Transit

Did you know?

  • A person riding on a transit bus instead of in a personal vehicle produces 66% fewer polluting emissions to travel the same distance
  • People who use public transit are 3 times more likely to get 30 minutes per day of moderate physical activity helping them live longer healthier lives

Re-discover the benefits of riding the bus with Green Venture’s Totally Transit education program.  In partnership with the Hamilton Street Railway (HSR), Green Venture has developed the Totally Transit program to introduce elementary school students or seniors to Hamilton’s public transit system.  Through hands-on participation students acquire the skills to take the bus safely and confidently.

Furthermore, it makes the case for public transit with a focus on climate change, air quality, energy conservation and health.  By engaging children at an early age, they will be able to make informed transportation choices for the rest of their lives. By engaging seniors, it permits them to retain their freedom of access to the community.

For children, Totally Transit provides active participation skills, aligns with Grade 5 curriculum and is appropriate for all elementary school students interested in energy conservation and sustainable transportation.  Totally Transit is delivered as a stand-alone program and can be a great addition to an EcoHouse Sustainability Tour or to a full day of EcoHouse and Museum of Steam and Technology curriculum based educational programming.

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