For Homes & Businesses


In addition to environmental outreach programs (see For Our Community), Green Venture offers certain environmental-related services on a fee-for-service basis. The organization also engages in social enterprise with sales of certain sustainable living items that appear in the EcoHouse.

Any money that Green Venture takes in from these fee-for-services is directed back into the overall organization, helping us to develop better environmental education programs. 

These fee-for-service items include:

  • residential energy auditing, using the EnerGuide rating system
    • including helping clients register for the Union Gas Home Renovation Rebate Program, the Enbridge Gas Home Energy Conservation Program, the IESO Whole Home Pilot (Save on Energy).
  • small institutional or commercial walk-through energy assessments
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station purchase and installations (Green Venture acting as general contractor)


Green Venture’s primary water services focus at this time is on larger community-based projects, and education about stormwater management, including encouraging the development of Low Impact Development (LID) projects.

  • Solar PV purchase and installations (Green Venture acting as general contractor)

  • vermicomposting (worm composting) worms and systems
  • rain barrels

Green Venture is positioned to demonstrate and test new sustainable living items through the EcoHouse and our education programs. Green Venture reaches an average of 4000 visitors directly each year, with a majority of them motivated by new sustainable living ideas. If you would like to have a fully-developed product tested and displayed to the public under real-life conditions, please contact us.