Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installations

Looking at purchasing an Electric Vehicle (EV)?

Green Venture now offers Electric Vehicle Charging Station installation services.

Photo- courtesy SunCountry Highway


Green Venture has a great interest in promoting electric vehicles, not only because it makes economic sense but because a reduction in fossil fuel use will pay big dividends in our fight against climate change. Green Venture has been advocating for EVs since 2009 and, as part of Green Communities Canada, has several related education programs on EcoDriving. LINK

Green Venture installed our first EV charging station at EcoHouse (22 Veevers Drive, Hamilton) in 2013. The 30 amp continuous charge unit was donated courtesy of EATON. In 2014, Green Venture took up a lease for a Plug-in Toyota Prius EV, through an arrangement with Community CarShare. In 2018 this was replaced by the purchase of our very own Chevrolet Volt (thank you to Queenston Chevrolet for their support).


The charging station is primarily used to maintain charge on our EV, but is also occasionally used by the public, if the EV is out.

EcoHouse EV Charging StationGreen Venture is currently working with EV charging station manufacturer, SunCountry Highway. SunCountry Highway has been at the forefront of electrifying our highways since 2012. They are most well known for their World’s Longest Greenest Highway campaign (2012) and the “E-mazing Race” (2015).


We recommend the “EV” Series, a versatile and affordable, high power line of chargers from SunCountry Highway. Designed to take the wear-and-tear of everyday use, with a weatherproof NEMA 4 enclosure, these chargers, which are designed to attach to a wall, are perfect for home or commercial installations with 60 amp and 40 amp options. The unit comes complete with 25ft of charging cable. It also comes with a three-year warranty. The EV40 requires a 40 amp circuit breaker, with 32 amp continuous charge (7.7 kW).

For those seeking a charger unit that may face more rigorous circumstances, the EV series also is available as a Ruggedized ‘R’ Model. The unit features the same convenience of the EV Series, but with the addition of a rubber over-molded connector, field-replaceable latch, and a five-year warranty. The price increment is about $150.

Other options include the installation of free-standing pedestals, retractable cable systems, and some mechanisms to limit use to keyholders, etc. Monitoring, via a wireless link, is also available. All of these add-ons come at an additional charge.

Smaller, “trickle” chargers are also available. SunCountry offers a “Compact” line for low voltage charging (15 amp circuit breaker, with 12 amp continuous charging).  Larger, more robust commercial grade chargers are also available (the “SCH” Series). These are typically twice the price of the standard “EV” series.


How does an installation through Green Venture work?

Green Venture acts as general contractor, arranging the purchase, shipping, professional installation, and permitting. We use licensed electricians and offer a one-year warranty on labour work, in addition to the manufacturer’s warranties.

Green Venture has been offering environmental programming and energy services since 1994. As an environmental non-profit, our goal is the shaping of a community in which environmental, social, and economic needs are balanced. For more, see our Mission Vision and Values page. The EV charging installation is operated as a “fee-for-service” section, providing funds in support of our primary work: environmental education.

If you have an interest in an EV charger, please give us a call at 905-540-8787 x115 or email erinn.todd@greenventure.ca and we can discuss some potential options with you.

Update: Starting in late 2018, as part of our public education commitments, Green Venture will be looking for a public site to install a demonstration charging station. This site may be on private land, but must be connected to the grid, and accessible to the public. The cost of the installation itself will be subsidized by an educational grant, but the charger must be maintained by a land owner willing to accept public charging and assume the future costs of that usage for 5 years.

 Our Eaton EV charger at work


Green Venture also offers similar general contractor services for solar PV installations. Even with the end of the Ontario MicroFIT program, there is still good value to be had from installation of a net metered solar PV system on your roof.


 Solar panels on EcoHouse roof



How circuit breakers work (explaining the difference between a 40 amp EV charger and the fact that 32 amps are provided). https://www.familyhandyman.com/electrical/breaker-box/how-circuit-breakers-work/view-all/