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For more than two decades, the staff and volunteers at non-profit environmental education organization, Green Venture, have helped thousands of members of our community save money on their utility bills, increase their home comfort, and reduce their impact on the environment! Green Venture services Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Haldimand, Norfolk, Niagara, and Brant County with energy auditing services with our Registered Energy Advisers (REAs).

Green Venture has over twenty years of experience in conducting home energy audits under the EnerGuide Rating system, and was one of the original environmental organizations, as part of Green Communities Canada, that helped develop the rating system in the 1990s.

As an education non-profit, Green Venture continued to offer energy auditing services to the community, even with the disappearance of most federal grants in 2012, because an energy audit is one of the single most valuable information tools available to citizens on how to make your home more energy efficient.

Since 2013, the utilities and the provincial government have added new incentive programs to encourage energy saving retrofits. Today’s programs are run through your local gas utility (even though you don’t need to be a customer of the utility to participate).

EnerGuide Ratings show how many GJ of energy your home uses in a year. 0 is the best!


1 A) Are you in Niagara? Click here for the Enbridge Gas Home Energy Conservation Program.

1B) Are you in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Haldimand, Norfolk, or Brant? Click here for the Union Gas Home Renovation Rebate Program.

Reminder: You don’t have to be a customer of either gas utility to join the programs. Simply determine which geographic area you are in  (above) and we’ll get you enrolled.

Energy Evaluations for Homeowners


Do you want to…

Solve common home energy problems and make your home more comfortable?

Reduce your energy bills and save money?

Contribute to a healthier environment?

Become eligible for a government grant to make your home more energy efficient?

Simply follow these easy steps…

1.  Get a home energy evaluation (using the federal EnerGuide rating system)

Call Green Venture and benefit from our experience gained through helping over 4000 homeowners achieve energy savings since 1997.

Green Venture’s mission is to create positive environmental change and improve the health of our community. You will receive a detailed, unbiased third-party report; we are not interested in selling energy-related goods or services.

Your Registered Energy Adviser will produce a customized report with specific recommendations for energy savings, delivered to you in about two weeks. You will also be provided by an EnerGuide for Houses rating sticker, and your building registered with Natural Resources Canada.

EnerGuide Rating label

2.  Get the work done

After deciding which recommendations best suit your lifestyle and budget, you get the work completed.

3.  Second Evaluation

Clients claiming incentives under the Union Gas Home Renovation Rebate Program or the Enbridge Gas Home Energy Conservation Program are required to have a follow-up audit (retest). Our Registered Energy Advisers will handle all of your paperwork for applying for the rebates, including the electrical Whole Home Pilot Program that is linked to both of the gas programs.

4.  Reap the rewards

i) Get a rebate cheque in the mail from the utility 60-90 days following the retest.

ii) Benefit from energy reductions and lower bills. It’s that easy!

4A) Customer Feedback Survey

If you’ve completed an energy audit with Green Venture recently, we would very much like to hear your feedback. Click here to complete our customer feedback survey.

4B) What’s this I hear about Electrical Rebates?

Yes, it’s true. Both the Union Gas Home Renovation Rebate Program and the Enbridge Gas Home Energy Conservation Program have been augmented in 2017 with the addition of the provincial Whole Home Pilot Program, a series of electrical incentives that are added on to the regular energy audit rebates. Additionally, electrically-heated homes are now eligible for home renovation rebates. Give us a call and we’ll talk you through the process. 905-540-8787 x 115.

The EnerGuide Rating Label and energy auditing is delivered by Green Venture under agreement with Green Communities Canada and its affiliate, Green Communities Incorporated.

ecoENERGY Initiatives help Canadians use energy more efficiently, boost renewable energy supplies and develop cleaner-energy technologies. The energy assessment offers a service developed by Natural Resources Canada and/or the Government of Canada. By using energy more efficiently, Canadians can reduce emissions produced through energy use and contribute to clean air, water and energy and a healthy environment.

Air Leakage Test

Not ready for a full EnerGuide Rating energy audit, but still want to know where the leak points are in your house? You may wish to consider an Air Leakage Test as an alternative. The Air Leakage test (also referred to as a “blower door test”) is offered by Green  Venture as a stand-alone item.

This one-hour to one and half hour test will help to evaluate how much outside air is entering your home through small leaks, as well as pin-point the leak spots. The charge for such a test is $150 +HST, and requires approximately 1 to 1.5 hours on site by a Registered Energy Adviser. A short report is prepared following the test for the client. This report is NOT a full EnerGuide Rating and is NOT usable for claiming incentive program rebates.

To book an air leakage test, please contact 905-540-8787 x115 or email us.