Enbridge Gas Home Energy Conservation Program

Enbridge Home Energy Conservation Program

Effective June 7, 2017, Green Venture is pleased to offer energy audits on behalf of the Enbridge Gas Distribution Home Energy Conservation Program (also known as “Know Your Energy Score”).

This program provides customers of Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. the opportunity to get incentives of up to $1600 if they reduce their home’s energy consumption by 15%.

Green Venture services Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.’ territory in Niagara under the auspices of Green Communities Canada.

The Enbridge Gas Home Energy Conservation Program (HEC) also includes an electrical assessment, as part of the Whole Home Pilot Program created by the Ontario Independent Electrical System Operator (IESO). This pilot program is in effect until December 31, 2017.

How does the Enbridge Home Energy Conservation Program (and Whole Home Electrical Pilot Program) work?

    • Get a pre-retrofit Energy Audit performed by Green Venture. You MUST get the pre-retrofit audit before you start any renovations, especially if the walls or ceiling of house are going to be changed (with insulation). It is imperative that a test be conducted before any holes are made in the walls, etc.
    • The cost of the pre-retrofit audit for the Enbridge HEC program (including the electrical Whole Home Program assessment)  is $400+HST, but Enbridge Gas is providing a  $200.00″instant rebate”, so that you, as customer, only pay $252.00 ($200.00 plus the $52.00 HST on the full $400). 


    • You will receive an EnerGuide rating and report, along with our suggestions as to the best retrofits to do so as to save the most energy and qualify for the rebate program.


    • Implement a minimum of 2 of the following recommended qualified energy upgrades. Our Registered Energy Adviser (REA) will advise which measures will need to be upgraded to achieve 15% fuel savings (natural gas, propane, oil or wood) in order to qualify for the Enbridge incentives.

      Registered Energy Adviser hard at work!

      Registered Energy Adviser (REA), hard at work!


    • For a typical house, several larger measures are  usually required to meet the minimum thresholds necessary to qualify. This includes insulation, furnace or boiler replacement, air source heat pumps, or hot water tank upgrade. Smaller measures, like window or door replacement, drain water heat recovery systems,  or air sealing can help, but are usually not sufficient by themselves.Electrical retrofits don’t count towards the qualification, but are rather seen as bonus items with separate incentives (see below).


    • Get a post retrofit energy audit to retest your home with all the new changes. This follow-up audit (including the electrical Whole Home Program assessment) costs $200.00 +HST. Again, however, the electrical utility is providing a $50 instant rebate so your charge, paid to Green Venture is $176.00 ($150 + $26.00 HST on the full $200.00).
    • Your energy adviser will calculate how much energy your retrofits have saved, and if you meet the threshold, he/she will process the HEC Program grants paperwork for your incentive rebates.

      basement insulation

      Basement insulation


    • If your natural gas bill projection (based on the energy audit retest) is reduced by 15% and you have completed at least two eligible retrofits, you will be eligible for an additional rebate of $1450.00. This is in addition to the earlier $150 Enbridge instant rebate on the pre-retrofit audit, the $50 instant rebate on the electrical Whole Home pre-retrofit assessment, and the $50 instant rebate on the Whole Home electrical follow-up assessment.  Total rebate value for successful participants in the Enbridge Home Energy Conservation Program: $1600 +$100 for the Whole Home Electrical Pilot. 
    • Please note that your retrofits MUST show a 15% reduction in gas consumption in order to qualify. Participants whose renovation work does not generate sufficiently high gas savings will not be eligible for the $1450.


    • Don’t forget- by being enrolled in the Whole Home Electrical Pilot program, you may also be eligible for some rebates from the electrical side.  It includes additional electrical rebates for changing a furnace or air conditioner, for replacing a fridge, freezer, dehumidifier, or clothes washer, and more.


  •  Click here for the complete list of incentives, both electrical and regular.


  • Confused? Please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we’ll talk you through the process and determine whether the Enbridge Home Energy Conservation Program is the right incentive program for you. 905-540-8787, x115.


The EnerGuide Rating Label and energy auditing is delivered by Green Venture under agreement with Green Communities Canada and its affiliate, Green Communities Incorporated.

ecoENERGY Initiatives help Canadians use energy more efficiently, boost renewable energy supplies and develop cleaner-energy technologies. The energy assessment offers a service developed by Natural Resources Canada and/or the Government of Canada. By using energy more efficiently, Canadians can reduce emissions produced through energy use and contribute to clean air, water and energy and a healthy environment.