Rain Home Visit Service

Water and Landscape-Related Advisory Services

Green Venture’s Rain Home Visit service provides Hamilton, Burlington, Haldimand, Norfolk, Brant, Niagara, and Oakville residents with personalized one-on-one advice from a certified Rain Home Guide. All Rain Home Guides have completed the certification-training program implemented by Green Communities Canada to ensure that homeowners receive quality advice on a wide range of water related issues. These issues include:

• surface ponding
• landscape grading
• eaves and downspouts
• wet basements
• foundation drains
• sump pumps
• infiltration landscapes
• reducing loss caused by flooding
• rainwater harvesting, and
• water-conscious gardening

EcoHouse east rain garden- a water-absorbing garden bed

The cost for a RAIN Home Visit is normally $235 +HST, but prices may vary depending on the size or complications of the property under assessment. Please call 905-540-8787 x117 for an estimate or to book. 


This downspout should be disconnected and diverted to the lawn.

According to the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction in recent years’ water damage claims have increased to exceed fire as the largest cost for Canada’s property insurers. Across the country more and more Canadians are dealing with water related damages to their properties, and Ontario is no different. Both new and old homes are vulnerable to water damage from a variety of sources, and at its very core the RAIN Home Visit program is designed to

  • identify specific water problems unique to each property, and
  • inform homeowners on best practices for how to deal with such problems

The best time to defend your home against water damage is before any issues are visible. If, however, visible issues are already present, it is best to deal with these as soon as possible as over time these issues can lead to other problems, making the situation increasingly expensive to correct. When it comes to protecting your investment, a proactive approach is the best approach.

Permeable pavement helps drainage at EcoHouse

A large percentage of water related problems have potential to be solved by simple alterations to the exterior of the property. Often homeowners will opt to spend money waterproofing their foundation at the first sign on infiltration. Foundation waterproofing measures are often very expensive, require full exterior foundation excavation, and do not always guarantee keeping water out of the basement, if when done correctly. What should be seen as a last resort is often being used as a first response. RAIN Home Guides focus their attention on simple, economic solutions that keep water away from the foundation.

This downspout has been disconnected into a rain barrel, with the overflow diverted to the nearby lawn.

The RAIN program supports an ecological approach to stormwater management, making an additional goal of the Home Visit program addressing the quality and quantity of our local fresh water sources. Simple changes to how water is managed on residential properties have the potential to foster a connection between our built environment and the natural environment. By reducing the amount of rain leaving each property, less polluted stormwater runoff is delivered to nearby water courses.

For example, since the slowing of industrial operations, the number one cause of pollution entering the Hamilton Harbour (Burlington Bay) has been polluted stormwater runoff from paved surfaces. Each property may very well be a ‘drop in the bucket’ but by initiating small changes to how we manage our water, we can make big improvements to the overall quality of our surface waters.

The cost for a RAIN Home Visit is normally $235 +HST, but prices may vary depending on the size or complications of the property under assessment. Please call 905-540-8787 x117 for an estimate or to book. 

Permeable paths (gravel or more formed plastics like this EcoRaster path) can also help with infiltration.