In-School Presentations


Elementary School Presentations

Green Venture provides a diverse variety of presentations aimed at different age ranges and interests.

We can offer interesting environmental learning programs for elementary-level children of all ages, from preschool to grade 8.


Wiggly Worms – ages 3 to 7 (preschool to grade 3)
Students will observe a vermicomposting (worm composting) habitat and see how worms produce compost. Through a Worm Feast game, a story and a craft activity, students will learn about vermicomposting and the Green Cart.

World’s Water – ages 6 to 10 (grade 1 to 4)
Through a game, learn about how much water is on the world and why it is important to conserve and protect our water systems.  We will take a look at 4 different countries and compare the average water usage per person. After discovering just how much water Canadians use, discuss ways of reducing the amount of water you use. We conclude this presentation with a trivia game to consolidate learning.

Wacky Water Facts: Water Conservation for Kids – ages 10 to 14 (grade 4 to 8)
How muchwater do we each use in our daily lives? Compare how much water Canadians use to people in other countries throughout the world, and learn why we don’t have as much water on Earth as you might think. This presentation illustrates how vitally important water is to us, how we often take it for granted, and why conservation is so important. We conclude with a trivia game where all participants can test their water smarts!

Climate Change: Plan for our Future – ages 10 to 14 (grade 5 to 8)
What is climate change?  How does it affect us, and what can we do about it?  Learn the facts about climate change, what causes it, and how it will affect our planet.  Discover solutions we can use and everyday actions you can take to reduce the effects of climate change.

Excited about Energy: Renewable Energy for Kids – ages 10 to 14 (grade 5 to 8)
Learn about different types of renewable and non-renewable energy in an easy-to-understand manner. How does using energy affect climate change? What can you do to minimize your carbon footprint? Learn how small changes can make a big difference. This presentation is built around the Grade 5 energy curriculum requirements, and ends with an interactive trivia game.

Totally Transit: Sustainable Transportation for Kids – ages 10 to 14  (grade 5 to 8)

Change your transportation choices and change the world! Totally Transit is appropriate for Grade 5 students studying transportation, and is connected with several curriculum requirements. Learn about the environmental effects of different modes of transportation. Discover why riding the bus helps polar bears and monarch butterflies. By the end of the presentation, students will understand how to independently plan a trip and ride the bus.

High School Presentations

In addition to Green Venture’s elementary level programs, we also regularly conduct informative and entertaining environmental presentations to upper grade levels.

We offer presentations in:

Transportation and Urban Planning

Liveable Cities Intensification and Complete Streets
How much potential lies in your community? Learn about the reasons urban sprawl became so prevalent in North America. What triggered urban sprawl and what are the implications? You will learn how intensification offers choice, how complete streets cater to the needs of all users, and how a healthy environment translates to healthier people. Arm yourself with the knowledge to improve your community!

Eco Driver
Combine the ideas that you can be environmentally friendly while being a driver. Learn the tips on how to save fuel when driving, how to get better gas mileage from your current vehicle,and what to consider when purchasing a new vehicle. Discover why, in the 1800s, the car was supposed to solve our environmental problems. This presentation is appropriate for all drivers and soon-to-be drivers. Save your wallet and the planet; be an EcoDriver!

Walking & Why it Matters
There are many benefits to having walkable communities. Learn how other communities have become safer, healthier, and more productive by creating streets that accommodate all users. This presentation makes the economic case for building streets that encourage sustainable transportation. If you are looking to move to a new neighbourhood, or aiming to improve your existing neighbourhood, this is the presentation for you!

Air Quality: What YOU can do!
This presentation is action oriented and focuses on what you can do to improve the air quality in your community. Explore the true cost of poor air quality to residents of Hamilton. Practical tools and tips are provided to encourage change at the community level. This presentation is appropriate for educational groups,volunteer organizations, and anyone looking to create change.

History and Programs

Green Venture History and Current Programs
Discover how Green Venture and EcoHouse came into existence. You will learn about our history and the work we do in the community. A description of all current programs is included. This presentation is appropriate for those seeking to learn about the role environmental organizations play in their community. It would also be of interest for those looking to volunteer. You will leave knowing you can make a difference in your community!

Between Bartonville and Saltfleet: The History of Glen Manor and its Neighbours
This presentation provides a detailed history of the Glen Manor estate, its past residents, and its neighbours. Learn about the fascinating lives of the Deans, the Gages, and the Veevers. You will become familiar with their roles in Bartonville and Saltfleet between 1851-1994. This presentation is packed with historical information, photos, and maps. It would be of interest to anyone who is curious about our local history.

Water Conservation and Gardening

Organic Gardening
Both the seasoned gardener as well as the beginner will find this presentation informative. Learn the reasons to avoid harsh chemicals and the benefits of going organic. An overview of Ontario legislation on pesticides is provided. A discussion of 7 simple and effective steps to natural lawn care will convince you that saving money and helping the environment is easy! This presentation is packed with pictures and visuals, and is a must-see for all homeowners.

Water Conservation: Local and Global Concerns
This presentation contrasts our overwhelming reliance on water with our reckless consumption habits. Learn why we should, and how we can, use water wisely. Through simple steps, we can greatly reduce our water use and protect our Great Lakes for generations to come. Water use in the residential, agricultural, and manufacturing sectors is highlighted. You will leave with an extensive understanding of current water concerns, while feeling empowered that you will be able to have a positive impact on our future.

Water Conservation: Gardening and Outdoor Use

There is a sizeable increase in residential water use during summer months. Why is it important to conserve water during the summer? How can you have a stunning property that eliminates outdoor water use? This presentation includes information on rainwater harvesting, rain gardens, xeriscaping, and green roofs. Suited to all homeowners, this presentation illustrates simple ways to reduce your water footprint.


Energy Efficiency and Retrofits
Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important in our society. You will learn how energy is used in your home and how you can reduce your energy use. Connections will be made between energy use and climate change. The ecoENERGY program is highlighted, including information on the audit process, and its greater benefits. Information about renewable technologies is also included. This presentation is appropriate for individuals and groups looking to lower their day-to-day energy use.

Garbage: Who is Responsible?
This presentation exposes the cradle to grave costs and impacts of garbage. The responsibilities of both producers and consumers are highlighted. You will learn about the history of recycling practices in Ontario, and how much garbage is produced in both Ontario and in Hamilton. Learn about the ramifications of landfills and the hazards of garbage and plastic ending up in our oceans. This presentation is suitable for those looking to reduce their environmental footprint.

Recycling in Schools
This presentation will teach educators how to use the 3 R’s in their classrooms. Includes what can be recycled in schools, how to reduce the amount of garbage we are creating and idea of how to reuse. Also includes some programs ideas teachers can run in their schools to help promote recycling and litterless/boomerang lunches to get students excited about recycling.

Climate Change

Climate Change 101
What’s the real deal when it comes to climate change?  This presentation will provide you with the evidence you need to determine whether climate change is real, and if so, what is causing it.  By combining stunning visuals with real world examples, you will be immersed in our changing planet and the potential impacts of such change.  You will learn how Canada and Hamilton fit into the climate change equation.  You will leave with an understanding of how, together, we can create local solutions to help deal with worldwide concerns.