Other In-School Programs

Green Venture’s education programs and other environmental activities often require willing participants in the community. Does your school, group, or neighbourhood need a special project to bring people together for a sustainable cause? Watch this page regularly for upcoming Green Venture special projects YOU can get involved in!

Current Projects for Teachers

Depave Paradise

Removing asphalt and concrete at community work bees is an exciting new trend that renews neglected urban spaces. The hands-on depaving process captures the hearts and energies of community members who work together to make their surroundings more liveable. By removing pavement and replacing it with native species gardens on school grounds, and involving students in that process; students actively improve their environment and understand how they are connected to it, and have the opportunity to integrate nature and the environment into their education while greening the school’s grounds. Green Venture has an on-going waiting list of schools interested in participating in our Depave Paradise program.

For more information on Depave Paradise across Canada, visit www.depaveparadise.ca.


We can help schools looking to improve their local air quality through an anti-idling campaign or educational presentations.

Fresh Air for Kids 

Hamilton’s educational mobile air monitoring program helps students make informed decisions about sustainable transportation and outdoor activity based on air quality and to understand the local impacts of air quality on their health.

Curriculum-linked presentations enable youth to make informed decisions about sustainable transportation and outdoor activity based on air quality and to understand the impacts of local air quality on health. Your students will collect air samples in your school’s neighbourhood, analyse and investigate data from professional air quality measurement devices and meet expert scientists in the field!

Raingers Rain Garden

Green Venture and Bay Area Restoration Council are partnering to bring this new program to engage students and schools in Hamilton through a hands-on, experiential stormwater management education program. The program will educate students about the natural water cycle and demonstrate how stormwater is managed in their City. The Raingers program includes the building of one rain garden at each participating school as a practical and positive solution to stormwater!

Smoothie Bike 

Get your students excited about eating healthy, staying active, or determining how much energy goes into running a tablet, smart phone or other device. Promote sustainable transportation with our smoothie bike (actually what it sounds like, a bike that powers a blender), and book the bike for your school breakfast programs, Eco Fair, or just a classroom visit.

Some 2017 and 2018 funding for schools in Wards 6-7-8 (Hamilton) has been provided courtesy of the Healthy Kids Community Challenge program, an initiative of the Ontario Government and the City of Hamilton. Spots are limited so sign up today!

Healthy Kids Community Challenge

Teachers and adults! The smoothie bikes are also available for rent outside of school hours for private events. Ask us for more information.

Sustainable Schools Action Kit

Learning the fun way is what Green Venture is all about! That’s why we put together the Sustainable Schools Action Kit for you to enjoy in your classroom and give students the opportunity to learn about the environment, climate change and taking action in their community. This kit contains a number of simple items, activities and games, and ideas related to the environment that can help make exciting changes for our world and environment. Share this package with your students and discover easy ways to decrease human impact on the environment. With the Sustainable Schools Action Kit, you can help your students learn about climate change, the environment and stewardship with the goal to actively care for the environment.

Totally Transit (Grades 5 to 8)

Discover the benefits of riding the bus with Green Venture’s Totally Transit education program.  In partnership with the Hamilton Street Railway (HSR), Green Venture has developed the Totally Transit program to introduce elementary school students Hamilton’s public transit system.  Through hands-on participation with an actual chartered HSR bus, students acquire the skills to take the bus safely and confidently. Totally Transit provides active participation skills, aligns with Grade 5 to 8 curriculum and is appropriate for all elementary school students interested in energy conservation and sustainable transportation.  Totally Transit is delivered as presentation at your school or can be a great addition to an EcoHouse Sustainability Tour or to a full day of EcoHouse and Museum of Steam and Technology curriculum based educational programming.

Waste Education Kit (Grades 1 to 5)

Bring waste education into your classroom with the Waste Education Kit. This kit is was devolved by the City Of Hamilton Waste Department. It is filled with hands on curriculum linked activities for grades 1 to 5. Students will learn how to reduce their impact on the planet by practicing the 3 R’s. Includes videos of all waste facilities in action.  The kit is available to book for up to 2 weeks.

Waterschool (Grades 6 & 7)

This partnership between Green Venture and BARC (Bay Area Restoration Council) is open to Grade 6 and Grade 7 classes (Hamilton only) to learn about Hamilton Harbour, water conservation,  and vermicomposting.  For more information about this program, visit the Hamilton Harbour Water School website.



For more details on any of these programs, or to book at program, please email us at education@greenventure.ca or

call 905-540-8787 ext. 154.