2016 EcoStar Challenge!

Welcome to the 2016 EcoStars Challenge! We are so excited to have you join us as we challenge our students to learn, create, engage, and make practical changes around the many issues involved with climate change. To encourage you as you complete your EcoStars Challenges, we will be awarding seven grand prizes to seven participating classes.  Every time your class completes a Challenge, you will be able to enter ballots into a draw for the grand prizes(all prizes are curriculum linked). The winning classes will choose one of the following grand prizes (subject to availability):

  • A class tour of EcoHouse, with free transportation! Your class will spend 2 hours exploring sustainable living through games, demonstrations, and activities.
  • A worm bin for your class! A Green Venture staff will visit your classroom to help you set up your own worm bin (all supplies provided). We will teach you all about keeping your worms happy and healthy as they compost right in the classroom. We will also schedule a follow up visit, to come back and see how everything is going.
  • Smoothie bike in your class for a week! A Green Venture staff will bring our Smoothie Bike to your class, set it up, and do some training. We will provide you with some recipes and ingredients to get you started.

Now it’s time to choose a challenge! We have five themes to choose from: Move It, Get Growing, Energy Wise, Recycle That, and The Arts.  Each theme is listed below. Simply click on the theme, and a drop down menu of Challenges will appear. When your class has completed a challenge, simply click on the Ballot Form tab to enter your ballot. Or download our Ballot Form and submit to Green Venture ,, fax: (905) 540-8882, or mail 22 Veevers Dr, Hamilton, ON, L8K 5P5.

Remember, feel free to be creative with the challenges, and expand on them as you wish (we might even give you an extra ballot for your creativity!). The staff at Green Venture are always happy to answer any questions regarding the challenges. We look forward to seeing our 2016 EcoStars in action!

Get Moving!

Get Growing!

Energy Wise!

Recycle That!

The Arts!

Download Ballot Form Online 

Rules and Regulations

Before you get started, here is some important information about the EcoStars Challenge 2016:

  • The Challenges are open to both public and Catholic school boards, as well as private schools, in the city of Hamilton.
  • The Challenges are open to grades K-8. Challenges have been created that can be adapted to a wide variety of ages and classroom settings.
  • Challenges may be completed by classes, clubs or teams.
  • Some Challenges are more involved than others; therefore you will see listed beside each Challenge the number of ballots that it is worth.
  • All Challenges must be completed, and submitted, by March 10th 2017.
  • Winners will be selected by a random draw. Winning classes will be contacted by the end of March 2017.
  • Winning classes must work with Green Venture to schedule their prizes between March and June 2017.
  • Winning ballots cannot be applied to previously booked school tours, and have no cash value.
  • Winning classes can include a maximum of 35 students.
  • Classes may collaborate on Challenges, but must submit ballots separately.
  • All suitable entries will be added to the Hamilton Climate Change Map.
  • There is no cost to participate in the challenges.
  • Classes may only complete each Challenge once.
  • Classes may submit more than one Challenge completion form at a time.
  • Classes may participate in as many Challenges as they wish.
  • Challenges may be completed in any order.


Questions? Contact or call (905) 540-8787 x 154