Energy Wise!

Students are going to live in a world affected by climate change. We know that people will have to use energy more wisely, and that every small change in that direction is a good one. The following challenges help educate students about local issues, as well as giving them ways to reduce their energy use.

  • What’s your footprint? (2 ballots): Calculate the carbon footprint of everyone in your class! Have each student take a turn answering the questions at . Have each student write down one of the suggested changes, and then display them around the classroom. Try your suggested change at least once!
  • Happening in Hamilton (4 ballots): Movie time! Watch at least 2 of the Hamilton Conservation Authority’s Climate Change videos (you can find them at Now make your own video, talking about how climate change affects Hamilton.
  • Sun first (3 ballots): Turn off the lights! We need to remember that the sun is a light, and we can use it in our classrooms. Make signs that remind people to turn off lights when not needed. Post these signs around the school.
  • Delicious! (4 ballots): Enjoy some local food! Gather snack foods that are in season in your area (ie apples, carrots, pears, grapes) and choose a picture book from our Media List. Then invite a younger class to join you for snacks and story time. Talk with them about why local food is healthier for the environment.  The following link can help you choose a food that is in season, and give a brief explanation of “food miles”:
  • Power Off (5 ballots): Organize an Earth Hour event at your school! Choose a day and challenge every class in your school to go for one hour without using any electricity (ie lights, computers, photocopiers, smartboards).
  • Visit EcoHouse (10 ballots): Book either a school tour, or a classroom visit, with our EcoHouse. Green Venture staff will lead you in games, activities and demonstrations focused on sustainable living. All