Get Moving!

Students spend a lot of time each week travelling, whether it is the daily trip to school or a weekend hangout with friends. We know that choosing the right type of transportation can keep our air cleaner and our children healthier. The following challenges give students a chance to track how they travel around their neighbourhood, and give them encouragement to choose environmentally friendly transportation.

  • We can do better (2 ballots): Make a chart! Track how each student in your class arrives at school for one week (ie bus, walk, bike, car, carpool). Talk about which ways of coming to school keep our air the cleanest. Have everyone choose 2 days the next week to come to school in a cleaner way.


  • What is the cost? (3 ballots): Do some math! Make a list of the places you would usually go in one week (ie school, friends house, store, library). Figure out how often you go and how far away each place is. Now plan your week using 3 types of transportation: city bus, getting a ride from adults (.52 cents x the amount of km), walking. For each type of transportation calculate the cost of using it for a week (when calculating the car, figure out what it costs the adult).  Decide which type of transportation is fastest, healthiest, cheapest, and most environmentally friendly.


  • Invite us over! (3 ballots): Invite Green Venture to come and visit your school! Our Smoothie bike can help you pedal your way to some tasty smoothies, while talking to students about environmentally friendly transportation. Our Totally Transit presentation let’s students come aboard an HSR bus to learn how to use the city bus, and why it helps the environment. Contact to book a visit (limited number of free spots). A great idea if you are having an eco fair, open house, or carnival.


  • Arriving in Style (10 ballots): Start a Walk/Wheel on Wednesdays campaign at your school! If every student could walk/ride their bike to school once a week, we could keep our air cleaner. The following link can help you get started:


  • Best Route (5 ballots): Create a map! Decide what interesting places are walking distance from your school.  Put them on the map, showing the best route from your school.  You can draw a map of your neighbourhood, or use a city map. Make up a catchy slogan about walking instead of getting a ride. Make enough copies for everyone in your class to take home and put on their fridge.


  • The best bus (3 ballots): Forget the school bus! School buses are a great way to get somewhere far away, but if your field trip is fairly close to home, walk or take the city bus instead. Use the HSR trip planner to find out how to use the city bus for your next field trip. This is also a cheaper way to travel! The following link can help get you started: