Recycle That!

Students have all heard the saying “reduce, reuse, recycle”. We know that Canadians are creating too much waste, and that is bad for our environment. The following challenges focus on new recycling opportunities for students to engage in, and some activities to reduce our waste in the first place.

  • Reusable Water Bottles (5 ballots): Promote the use of reusable water bottles in your grade! Make posters, do presentations, film a video: find some way to get the word out that bringing a reusable water bottle from home is the greenest drink to have at school.
  • Recycled Paper (3 ballots): Make your own recycled paper! Gather up some paper from your classroom recycling bin, and turn it into “new” paper. The following link can get you
  • Recycling Program (20 ballots): Start a recycling program at your school! If everything at your school is going into the garbage, it’s time to get some recycling happening. The following link can get you started:
  • Garbage Audit (5 ballots): Do a garbage audit of your classroom! Are people recycling, packing food in reusable containers, and reusing supplies? Find out by studying what goes into your garbage. Talk about ways to reduce the waste your classroom produces. The following link can get you started (scroll down to “Section 2.2 Waste Minimization”):
  • Battery Drive (10 ballots): Organize a Battery Collection Drive at your School! The batteries we use in toys and electronics are toxic, and are not supposed to go in with your regular garbage. Give your school community the chance to safely recyle their batteries from home, by organizing a battery collection week or month. Staples of Canada stores will receive all the batteries you collect, and make sure that they are recycled safely. The following link can get you started:
  • Writing Instruments (10 ballots): Create some new recycling boxes for writing instruments! All those markers, highlighters and pens are going in the garbage right now. If you collect those writing instruments, Staples Canada can make sure that they get recycled. Make a recycling box for your classroom, the art room, and the office. The following link can get you started:
  • Cartridge Recycling (3 ballots): Make sure that the adults at your school have help recycling! Your school uses ink and toner cartridges that can be recycled, but often go in the garbage. Get permission to order a free toner and ink cartridge recycling box for your school’s office, then make up some posters to let the teachers know how to use it! The following link can get you started: (3 ballots)