The Arts!

Students enjoy seeing the world from different points of view. We know that all the art forms are powerful ways of communication. The following challenges ask students to interact with an art form, to help them become more connected to the world around them.

  • Love this! (3 ballots): Choose one piece of nature near your school that you love ( ie. tree, front garden, rock, squirrels, patch of sky). Then use your creativity to tell other people why you love it! Write a poem, take a photo, draw a picture, create a video, anything to tell us why this piece of nature is wonderful, and worth taking care of.
  • Blackout (2 ballots): Grab some old newspapers and do blackout poetry!  You don’t need fancy, new supplies to be creative. The following link can help get you started:
  • Recycled Art (3 ballots):  Have everyone in your class bring in 5 items from home that would have gone in the garbage (nothing messy or gross!). Create art using all this garbage, put it on display, and invite another class to come and see your creation! Don’t forget to take some pictures to send to Green Venture.
  • Mix it up (3 ballots): Make a batch of salsa or freezer jam from scratch! Compare them to what you buy at the grocery stores, thinking about these ideas: taste, amount of garbage made, ingredients, how far the food travelled before you ate it! Green venture has kits that can be rented if you need supplies for this.
  • Hilarious! (3 ballots): Have every student choose their favourite joke, or make up their own.  Make up cards that include the joke and one thing we can do to take care of the environment  (ie “please recycle”, “turn off the lights”, “have a 5 minute shower”). Take your card home and give it to a friend or family member
  • Powerful Words (5 ballots): Listen to at least one of the spoken word videos. Do some research into the topics covered in the poems. Then have a debate; are the poets right or wrong?Suitable for grades 6-8. WARNING – there is profanity in some of the videos.
  • Changes (4 ballots): Have a look at the photos from Atlantic Canada. Find the place names on the map. Go outside and take some photos of your neighbourhood; can you see climate change happening?
  • Good Read (2 ballots): Choose a book with an environmental theme (get an idea from our list, or choose your own). Read it as a class. Do a class book report (ie poster, video interviews, collage), telling other classes why they should read it.

“Apple Farmer Annie” by Monica Wellington

“My Green Day- 10 things I can do today” By Melaine Walsh

“Where does the Garbage Go?” By Paul Showers

“Bag in the Wind” By Ted Kooser

“Lorax“By Dr.Seuss

“Wonderful Worms” By Linda Glasser

“Compost Stew” By Mary Mckenna

“Heroes of the Environment”  by Herriet Rohmer  Grades 5-8

“What’s the point of Being Green” by Jacqui Bailey for Ages Grades 5-8