Sustainable Schools Action Kit

Learning the fun way is what Green Venture is all about! That’s why we put together the Sustainable Schools Action Kit for you to enjoy in your classroom and give students the opportunity to learn about the environment, climate change and taking action in their community. This kit contains a number of simple items, activities and games, and ideas related to the environment that can help make exciting changes for our world and environment. Share this package with your students and discover easy ways to decrease human impact on the environment. With the Sustainable Schools Action Kit, you can help your students learn about climate change, the environment and stewardship with the goal to actively care for the environment.

Please fill out the form below to book your Sustainable Schools Action Kit, or contact Virginia at 905 540 8787 x154 or Please keep in mind the kit can be taken out for up to two weeks and it is your responsibility to pick up and drop off the kit at Green Venture.