Don’t Let It Drip!

Grade 2

Subject: Science & Technology

Curriculum Strands: Earth & Space Systems

Curriculum Topics: Water in the Environment

Specific Expectations met by this workshop:

  • Assess the impact of human activities on air and water in the environment and plan a course of action to help keep the air and water in the local community clean
  • Assess personal and family uses of water as responsible/efficient or wasteful, and create a plan to reduce the amount of water used, where possible
  • Investigate the stages of the water cycle including evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection
  • Investigate water in the natural environment
  • Use appropriate science and technology vocabulary
  • Describe ways in which living things, including humans, depends on air and water
  • Identify sources of water in the natural and built environment
  • Identify the three states of water in the environment, give examples of each and show how they fit into the water cycle when the temperature of the surrounding environment change
  • State reasons why clean water is an increasingly scarce resource in many parts of the world

Description of EcoHouse Experience:

Students will embark on a journey through the stages of the water cycle as a water droplet. In this activity students will describe the movement of water within the water cycle. They will identify different stages of water as it moves through the cycle. Through a 60 minute interactive tour of the EcoHouse students will be exposed to water-saving technology and discover ways to conserve water in the own homes and at school. Students will brainstorm how they use water in their daily lives and in turn realize the significance of clean water to human health.  They will also identify local sources of water and why it is important to conserve and protect these natural water bodies from pollution and overuse.

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