A Quest for Less

Grade 1

Subject: Science and Technology

Curriculum Strands: Understanding Matter and Energy, Structures and Mechanisms

Curriculum Topics: Materials, Objects and Everyday Structures, Energy in our Lives

Specific expectations met by this workshop:

  • Describe their own and their families’ uses of energy identify ways in which these uses are efficient or wasteful; suggest ways to reduce personal energy consumption; and explain why it is important for people to make these choices.
  • Investigate and compare seasonal differences in ways we use energy and types of energy we use
  • Demonstrate an understanding that humans get the energy resources they need from the world around them and that the supply of many of these resources is limited so care needs to be taken in how we use them
  • Demonstrate an understanding that humans get energy resources they need from the world around them
  • Investigate directly through experimentation the properties and characteristics of various materials, specifically paper.
  • Describe materials as the substance from which something is made
  • Describe and identify various recyclable materials as the substances which make up objects and structures.
  • Identify the sources in nature of some common materials that are used in making structures, specifically paper made from trees.

Description of EcoHouse Experience:

Learn to separate waste from recyclable materials and reduce the amount of waste you create by participating in the Waste Race game. To add to this activity, place one object/material at a time into the Incredible Recycling Machine and see if it will be turned it into something new. Discover ways to conserve water and energy in your home through a 60 minute tour of the EcoHouse. Students will engage in an Energy Goblin Game where they will learn ways to reduce energy usage in their homes and at school. In the final activity, students will learn the method involved in making paper by taking recycled paper pulp and making a new piece of paper.

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