Sustainable Living Tour

If you would like to bring your class to EcoHouse for a general tour on sustainable or “greener” living, you can expect to cover a broad range of topics such as recycling and composting, energy conservation, renewable energy, sustainable transportation, wise water use, and organic gardening. Many environmentally friendly technologies and behaviors will be demonstrated to inspire students to make positive changes in their own homes and school.  A historical component is also included as the heritage of EcoHouse and its original inhabitants is described and explored through maps, photos, architecture and artifacts.  This includes an interactive tour of EcoHouse and two 30-minute hands-on activities.

Here’s a virtual peek…

Tours can be modified to suit the specific needs of any group.  Programming is flexible.  Teachers are encouraged to discuss specific curriculum requirements with staff who will tailor a program to fit your needs.

Teacher Testimonial

“The EcoHouse tour provided the students with an excellent opportunity for environmental education outside the classroom.  The activities the students participated in were both interesting and interactive and served to enhance their awareness of water and energy conservation as well as waste reduction.

The tour leaders enthusiastically shared their knowledge and illicited a great deal of student involvement allowing them the opportunity to share their ideas and opinions.  In an era where we are faced with enormous environmental challenges, environmental education should be an integral part of our educational system.  By experiencing EcoHouse, the students recognized the important need to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

EcoHouse was undoubtedly a worthwhile school trip and was thoroughly enjoyed by both the students and teachers.  Many of our students expressed their excitement about everything they had learned and commented on how “cool” the experience was.  We will definitely visit again!”

GT, St. Francis Xavier School

To book a program, please email or call 905-540-8787, x154.