Tap Water: A Precious Resource

Grade 8

Subject: Science & Technology

Curriculum Strands: Earth & Space Systems, Structures and Mechanisms

Curriculum Topics: Water Systems, Systems in Action

Specific Expectations met by this workshop:

  • Evaluate personal water consumption, compare it with personal water consumption in other countries, and prose a plan of action to reduce personal water consumption to help address water sustainability 
  • Investigate how municipalities process water and manage water
  • Identify the various states of water on the earth’s surface, their distribution, relative amounts and circulation, and the conditions under which they exist
  • Explain how human and natural factors cause changes in the water table

Description of EcoHouse Tour:

When we turn on the tap and clean, drinkable water comes out, most of us aren’t aware of the intensive treatment Hamilton’s water receives before it reaches our homes.  Through a demonstration, students will learn the various stages of water treatment needed to produce Hamilton’s drinking water. Students will learn the importance of preventing pollution in the first place.  Students will go on a tour of the EcoHouse to see the various water conserving technologies and practices and learn what they can do in their own homes to conserve water. Students will compare bottled water verses tap water in taste, cost and convenience. Finally they will learn through a demonstration how much freshwater is available to us as Canadians and compare it to personal water consumption in other countries.

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