Watt a Waste!

Grades 4, 5, or 6

Subject: Science & Technology

Curriculum Strands: Earth and space systems, matter and energy

Curriculum Topics: Conservation of energy and resources, light and sound, electricity and electrical devices

Grade 4 – Specific Expectations met by this workshop:

  • Assess the impacts on society and the environment of light/sound energy produced by different technologies, taking different perspectives into account
  • Identify a variety of natural light sources and artificial light sources
  • Distinguish between sources of light that give off both light and heat and those that give off light but little or no heat

Grade 5 – Specific Expectations met by this workshop:

  • Analyse the long-term impacts on society and the environment of human uses of energy and natural resources, and suggest ways to reduce these impacts
  • Evaluate the effects of various technologies on energy consumption and propose ways in which individuals can improve energy conservation
  • Identify a variety of forms of energy and give examples of how that energy is used in everyday life
  • Identify renewable and non-renewable sources of energy
  • Describe how energy is stored and transformed in a given device or system
  • Recognize that energy cannot be created or destroyed but can be changed from one form to another
  • Explain that energy that is apparently “lost” from a system has been transformed into other energy forms that are not useful to the system

Grade 6 – Specific Expectations met by this workshop:

  • Assess the short and long-term environmental effects of the different ways in which electricity is generated in Canada, including the effects of each method on natural resources and living things in the environment
  • Assess opportunities for reducing electricity consumption at home or at school that could affect the use of non-renewable resources in a positive way or reduce the impact of electricity generation on the environment
  • Describe how various forms of energy can be transformed into electrical energy
  • Describe ways in which the use of electricity by society, including the amount of electrical energy used, has changed over time

Description of Tour/Workshop:

During the 60-minute interactive tour of EcoHouse, students will be exposed to energy-saving technology and practices.  They will discover ways to conserve energy in their own homes and school. Energy conservation is explored through hands-on activities about conservation and global warming. In the Bean Energy activity, students will understand how, over several years, non-renewable resources will be depleted. Each student will choose at least three methods of energy conservation that he/she will commit to adopting for the next three weeks from our commitment form.

Here’s a virtual look at the grounds of EcoHouse, starting with one of Green Venture’s two solar panel system at EcoHouse:

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